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Thread: Error with folders in thumb drive

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    Error with folders in thumb drive

    I use a Kingston Flash DTI/4GB for some time and suddenly , windows myself out Data error ( cyclic redundancy check ). Is this a mistake of my flash. If so does anyone have a way to save ? I wanted to try to format it but I do not know what to put in the size of the allocation unit . I already do with the default parameter solves nothing. Please help.

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    Re: Error with folders in thumb drive

    Double click on the usb removal icon , click on display device components , click one storage device, properties , go to Policies, select and optimize for performance , click ok, close. Make sure your USB drive letter What IS drive using. Open a dos windows and type. format ( drive letter here ): / FS : NTFS / X. Open up " My Computer " , go to tools, options , view , click on " Show hidden files and folders " , uncheck "Hide protected operating system files ", apply " , OK. Browse to your C drive and the files ntldr and NTDETECT COPY em to the base folder of your flash drive. Right click on " My Computer " , select Manage, go to Disk Management , Select your USB drive, Mark partition as active.

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    Re: Error with folders in thumb drive

    First , you must right click on the removable disk corresponding to the location where USB has been inserted , then click the format " option . Or you can try to use the file system down to the bottom , where the options " FAT and FAT32 " available . Choose the FAT , it will reveal utilities format , then click the Quick format "option " press " Start " to launch operations format. In this way , all data that contains the USB will be deleted, but the errors , we hope to have disappeared. Usually , errors or malfunctions when transferring files or data storage. For disk errors , scanning and formatting may work again . In this way , all sectors of the defective USB works like new.

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    Re: Error with folders in thumb drive

    When the formatting does not fix your USB problems , you can use another method . For more complicated problems USB , you should check the BIOS to first determine the real problem . Before doing so , it is advisable to save all files on your hard disk to another hard disk, CD or DVD, then turn off your computer. Insert your USB port problem on the Drive and turn on the computer . When the system BIOS are invited, immediately press the F8 key . For some computers, it is the Delete key or F2 key to verify that the BIOS to initiate and take note of the operators who are listed on the screen.

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    Re: Error with folders in thumb drive

    Depending on the options, you must remove the re -installation of the operating system at this location . While it is still in progress , simply close and let others readers alone . Try resetting the computer to boot from disk instead of reader CD as before. If the stick is already used , it must now be detected in Windows. If you fail to make the OS re - install, then just continue following the installation instructions. However , never try to install the operating system on the USB disk.

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    Re: Error with folders in thumb drive

    Before you spend your USB problems and try a few troubleshooting tips , all your saved files first, this task is something that should not be taken lightly . Although the formatting looks easy , it's a long process that must be done by someone who understands the application. If all else fails , take your warranty USB so you can repair from customer service.

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