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Thread: Building AS3Crypto Question

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    Building AS3Crypto Question

    I have tired to build up Crypto with the help of readme file i guess i am going wrong somewhere. First i extracted an OpenSSL library to my temp drive, opened cygwin and navigated to the directory. I have done up to copying the crypto.l.bc file from the OpenSSL install folder to ALCHEMY_HOME/openssl/lib. But an instruction does not suggest anything after created file as how to view it. Has anybody have created a sample properly? Where i could be missing?

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    Re: Building AS3Crypto Question

    I think you have not made a proper setup of AS3Crypto on your setup. I would like to inform that if you have same $ (ALCHEMY_HOME)/openssl/ then you will be able to use All the variables depends on directories.
    INC =-I $ (ALCHEMY_HOME) /openssl/include
    LDFLAGS =-L = $ (ALCHEMY_HOME) /openssl/lib

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    Re: Building AS3Crypto Question

    You just need to follow 3 steps here.
    • First of configure OpenSSL by using: PATH=$ALCHEMY_HOME/achacks:$PATH \
    • ./Configure BSD-x86 --prefix=$ALCHEMY_HOME/openssl -no-hw -no-asm -no-threads -no-shared -no-dso
    • Then you should compile it by using PATH=$ALCHEMY_HOME/achacks:$PATH \
    • Now you should copy openssl from archive of alchemy home directory. And copy the crypto.l.bc file from the OpenSSL install folder to $ALCHEMY_HOME/openssl/lib.
    • compiling sample - as3_crypto_wrapper

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    Re: Building AS3Crypto Question

    Thank you so much, You have solved my problem. Actually there was a mistake done by me while providing the path but as going through your steps, I have not faced any problem and it can be done so easily. Thank you so much! If there would be anymore questions then i will definitely ask you guys again no matter about what it is. Thanks again!!!

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