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Thread: Automate one "double page" into two pages?

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    Automate one "double page" into two pages?

    I have gone through some of the books to PDF. The books adjust on the platen of the scanner in this method that each scan, and thus every page of the PDF has two pages of the book. Is there a method to generate an automated process which will separate each scanned page into two so that the PDF will currently contain properly-sequenced one-page pictures of every page in the book?

    I am particularly searching for a batch process or script of some source which will perform all of this after some clicks, as opposed to duplicating the file, cropping the pages and then re-joining of all ...

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    Re: Automate one "double page" into two pages?

    Actually, I was searching about the same and found associated with this on another sites. There is one of software known as pdfsam. I have tried the common software but unfortunately I do not get the method and it can split one page into two. Would you be able to suggest what function you worked for that ? Thank you very much .

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    Re: Automate one "double page" into two pages?

    In the Acrobat, open up the pdf and then open up the "pages" index on the another side,just make a right click on the primary page, choose "crop pages" and then configure a crop that retains only the another side of the PDF, configure page range as "all", then click on the OK button . Save this as "document-left" or somewhat like that and then use Document:Examine Document, and delete the "deleted or cropped content, and save again. Open the real and perform the same, but cropping to retain the exact side. Currently, you have a "left pages" pdf and a "right pages" pdf. Using the PDFSAM software, select the "alternate" and enter the two documents, and make sure to disable the selection of " second document backwards" option. Assign an output file name, and execute the process...

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    Re: Automate one "double page" into two pages?

    Quite Imposing has a properties "Shuffle Even/Odd Pages" that are able to finish the exact thing. However, you don't require this or PDFSAM. Just crop the left and right halves as other members explained and then extract every page out. Then work with the build pdf property and associate entire the pages in order (left 1, right 1, left 2, right 2, etc). Not as quick or as elegant, but you need not to have to shell out for different programs.

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