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Thread: Adobe Acrobat - Page scaling

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    Adobe Acrobat - Page scaling

    Sometimes my classes are to be printed in pdf format. For me, therefore they open with adobe reader ( I updated 9 ). But I have a teacher who puts it in a special form that I would change. Roughly one-page vertical, it is 3 slides with small next to each line. In short it makes me three vignettes on the left, and lines on the right. But I wish I did not have the lines and put 2 slides per page (do not tell me " scaling "> "2 per page " I have already tried it and that I have 6 slides with lines ^ ^ ). Please help.

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    Re: Adobe Acrobat - Page scaling

    With Acrobat 7 pro mac, you do an apple + P , you select a printer , I 'm Me Adobe PDF 7, then tab Copies & Pages - > Layout - > Pages per sheet: 2 , you chosen direction , then the PDF button at the bottom of the window left , " Save PDF as PostScript "and then hop distilled. From version 8 of Acrobat Reader , you can print a booklet again WITHOUT any layout . Mac, in after making " File / Print , " you have the option " scaling in which you can choose " Print a booklet ". If you 're on Windows , you must have the equivalent.

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    Re: Adobe Acrobat - Page scaling

    Booklet printing Adobe Acrobat Reader 8
    1. Choose File > Print , then select a printer.
    2 . Page Select , Select , Click on Page Scaling menu .
    3. In the area range , specify the pages to print :
    To print pages from first to last , select All Pages .
    To divide a large booklet into smaller bundles , select Pages and specify the extent of the first bundle. Then print each set separately . To print certain pages on different paper , specify the desired page using the options sheets / to. Click the Properties button and select the appropriate paper tray , and any other necessary option.
    4. Select Options page management . The preview changes as you specify the options .

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    Re: Adobe Acrobat - Page scaling

    Determine which side is printed on paper . Duplex Choose to automatically print both sides of paper (the printer must support automatic duplex printing ). Choose Recto only to print all pages appearing on the front of the paper. After printing the pages , flip them , choose File> Print again , and then select Backup only. Depending on the model of printer, you may need to return and reorder the pages to allow printing on the back. In a shared printer , so that other users are printing on your pages before you can print the back pages, remember to print from a different paper tray .

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    Re: Adobe Acrobat - Page scaling

    Determines the orientation of the binding . Choose Left if the text is read from left to right, Left ( Large) for the paper folded on the long edge , producing a print area long and narrow . Right to Choose text read from right to left or vertically ( as Asia) , Right (Large ) if the paper is folded on the long edge. You must go to File Properties iPress Features Pages per sheet and select 2 pages per sheet .

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    Re: Adobe Acrobat - Page scaling

    Yes page scaling is really important in Acrobat.You can do this when you are going to take print of any thing which you have developed in acrobat.Its not issue in it.

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    Re: Adobe Acrobat - Page scaling

    Check the steps:
    In Adobe ReaderClick on the menu File then Print.
    Scroll Scaling then choose Multiple pages per sheet.
    The list Pages per sheetSelect the number of pages to view each sheet , 4 example .
    Area Survey you can see the result. Finally, click on the button Ok to start printing.

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