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Thread: Adobe Audition vs Adobe Soundbooth

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    Adobe Audition vs Adobe Soundbooth

    I would like to run at home recording (initially only voice, guitar and percussion may still). I just wanted to look at Soundbooth. Visit the Adobe website, I was then but still attentive to Audition. According to Adobe Audition is more suited for musicians. Audition is more suitable for home recording? Are good at all the programs from Adobe what? I would like to learn something about self-taught audio engineering and I hope that I will not be hampered by the programs. What about with the development of Soundbooth / Audition? Audition think I was a long time, Not be updated in its version. Any more discussion on this topic on thsi is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Adobe Audition vs Adobe Soundbooth

    Can someone explain to me briefly what are the differences between these two software i.e adobe audition and adobe soundbooth, for sound and their use. In particular where it is better to use with Premiere Pro? Reading the description is not very explicit on these issues.

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    Re: Adobe Audition vs Adobe Soundbooth

    If you work with PPRO CS you have direct access to Soundbooth for Hearing the sound to be exported before treatment. Hearing is a software oriented its 100% more for the more experienced user in processing sound. Soundbooth was created with Adobe representatives say that I have met, to facilitate audio processing users. In my case I regret this "step backward" in the development of the Adobe suite that I use so I tend to use more, for DV PPRO CS that the new version. But both products are expected to do roughly the same for the video editor. By cons who tested the two products get better results in cleaning up the sound with Audition, but maybe because I have not practiced enough Soundbooth?

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    Re: Adobe Audition vs Adobe Soundbooth

    If you want to do this work at lower cost can be obtained using Audacity totally free and once your finished soundtrack editing allows you to clean the wind noise or engine for example and suppression or rather the mitigation of noise like a camera. I used to transplanting my 33 laps and it's very good value for money exceptional. You can download it from their official site.

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    Re: Adobe Audition vs Adobe Soundbooth

    I did not see on the Adobe site, there is indeed a comparative explanation and advise Soundbooth for non-experts in sound and hearing for professionals. My problem is mainly to clean the soundtracks of a DV camera that captures too much wind and the clicking of cameras neighbors. Where can I find the official link to this site. Any more help on this topic is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Adobe Audition vs Adobe Soundbooth

    I tried both versions of Audacy, the final beta 1.2 and 1.3, but both are planted in reading the wave file (1 GB) that I exported my soundtrack in Premiere PP2 (movie 1:30).Yet the wave file is read by other programs, classiq Media Player, Nero, ..., and reads well Audacy smaller wave files (bug with size?).

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