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Thread: How To Embed YouTube Videos in InDesign

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    How To Embed YouTube Videos in InDesign

    I wanted to know if it was possible to insert a youtube video in indesign document. Apparently it works when inserting into indesign , although I can not play, but no longer works when I open the youtube. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How To Embed YouTube Videos in InDesign

    Under the Flash movie that contains the movie , find the line " Embeddable Player " . You will retrieve a HTML code that looks like this:
    <object width="425" height="350">
    <param name=" movie " value="></param>
    < embed src=" " type="Application / x - shockwave- flash " width="425" height="350"></embed>
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    Re: How To Embed YouTube Videos in InDesign

    Once the document referenced , the right interface is available . It is imperative to install the dimensions of the animation, so you can integrate (embed) animation directly into the body of this article. That is , the code for " inclusion direct " appears , simply copy and paste into the body of the article the shortcut of the form :

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    Re: How To Embed YouTube Videos in InDesign

    You realy on a third host to store your movies , if that host failed trade policy or exchange , movies may be unavailable , and you should find another solution ( change your own pages); mostlyOne day or another, your movie will be preceded by several seconds of commercials necessarily painful , which is probably the interest for YouTube to encapsulate your movie in a Flash movie.

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    Re: How To Embed YouTube Videos in InDesign

    For YouTube: copy the code that starts with < embed located next to the video and paste it into the section of your profile where you want it to be. For music , the simplest is the myspace player . You click on the link on myspace music , up, you type the name of an artist on his page there will be up to 4 songs . Beside each one there is the link add. Put the song on your profile. To add his personal music , use the site. The latter is the easiest, I find, you're looking for pieces you add to your list and when finished they will give you a code to copy and paste into myspace to show the reader where you want.

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    Re: How To Embed YouTube Videos in InDesign

    Check the steps:
    • Go to the page containing the video you want to insert in your article by clicking on the video.
    • Copy the address of this page
    • In the text editor of your blog, click on the icon of Youtube
    • A window appears , paste the page address you just copied . The address should appear as:
    • Click "OK" the link appears in your article.
    • Finally , publish your article. Once your item online , the magic of the Internet will convert the video link !

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    Re: How To Embed YouTube Videos in InDesign

    I have ready everyone's post but they don't make sense.

    Indesign only allows HTTP or RTMP media links and if you illegally download the FLV you can embed the YouTube Video but it will not play to the best of my knowledge.

    The question I I have is how you can you stream YouTube Videos into your Indesign Documents so that when it is exported it retains the video clip into your export media type. i.e. Interactive Acrobat or FLA, Flash Interactive Document.

    I have tried using a couple of SWF objects created for Flash to incorporate YouTube Media and also tried an Acrobat YouTube plug in but it fails to work in Indesign.

    Thanks again.

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