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Thread: Creative Webcam VF-0080 for Windows 7

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    Creative Webcam VF-0080 for Windows 7

    I am looking for a webcam Creative Live! Pro 7 Pro for windows 7. I am also looking to install software as covered for Creative Webcam VF-0080. Actually i found that this webcam will not work on Windows 7. told me that my webcam is too old and it will not make drivers for windows 7. Windows advisor told me that the driver of my web cam will not work on windows 7 . Please help.

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    Re: Creative Webcam VF-0080 for Windows 7

    You need to Creative WebCam Live Effects that USB , 640 x 480, 30fps , Fashion Photography , Focus , microphone , Interface : USB , Extra Software included, Miscellaneous, Frame rate : 30 fps , color , compatibility , Max Video Resolution : 640 x 480 pixels , maximum video resolution : 640 x 480 pixels. . Best price : 34,00 $.

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    Re: Creative Webcam VF-0080 for Windows 7

    You need to manually then proceed as follows:
    # In Device Manager Right-click on the webcam and select Update Driver.
    # Check Search for a driver on my computer / choose from a list of device drivers on my computer.
    # Click Disk / run along .
    # Select File V0080Dev.inf folder C: / WebCam / LivePro then click Open .
    # Click OK , Following and Close .
    # Restart the computer.

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    Re: Creative Webcam VF-0080 for Windows 7

    It does you good for nothing ! what you need to download it then install it ! if you simply move the file it will not install ! when you click on the link to save you leading advertising or choose to save it ! Do yourself a folder named drivers and creative dishes in it! Then you double -click it and following files will start an install , or you have several files and there you will choose install or setup , or whether it will have to decompress ! but the one I gave you normally you'll just double click on it.

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    Re: Creative Webcam VF-0080 for Windows 7

    These days , many new drivers were released for Creative webcams and Windows operating systems XP and Windows Vista in their editions 32 bit and 64 bit . As expected , all these new drivers are WHQL certified by Microsoft and replace the beta versions that were hitherto available . However, some of these drivers as those for Live! Cam Optia also improve the management of Advanced Video FX effects particularly when using the Face Tracking that is monitoring the movements of the face. Here is the complete list of newly released drivers for Creative webcams at the end of September.

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    Re: Creative Webcam VF-0080 for Windows 7

    Creative was planning to develop drivers for Vista only for models in the series Live! Cam before finally reversing course and extend support for Windows Vista Other webcams. With these drivers out these days , almost all recent Creative webcams have the benefit of drivers compatible with Vista. Only models Live! Cam Voice and WebCam Live ! Motion still dealing with beta drivers but not for long because their drivers are WHQL respectively expected in the third quarter of 2010 (so these days ) and for the fourth quarter of 2010.

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