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Thread: Driver confusion with Intel 80Gb X25-M

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    Driver confusion with Intel 80Gb X25-M

    After installing the Intel 80 GB X25-M , confused with the drivers I have downloaded the tool box and the tool box contain a number of drivers and these drivers are also mentioned in the user manual and it is not made much clearer on this topic. so i am confused which driver should i install there are three drivers like the MS driver which enables TRIM and Intel Matrix Storage driver since this drivers requires a toolbox which needs the tool box for running.

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    Re: Driver confusion with Intel 80Gb X25-M

    The Version which you have the Intel 80 GB X25-M it has about 2 versions , one of which is the G1 this version of the intel X25 does not supports the TRIM and the other version of the Intel device is the G2 which does not support the TRIM. If its the model SSDSA2MH080G1 then i think that TRIM is not supported install the drivers accordingly. Hope that this will resolve this problem.

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    Re: Driver confusion with Intel 80Gb X25-M

    If you are confused to install the driver for the device it is always better yo use the recommended action when the driver update wizard opens up with the device i would suggest you to install the drivers using this wizard only click on the radio button for the recommended action and finally click the next button and simply locate the folder only. The issue will be fixed now.

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    Re: Driver confusion with Intel 80Gb X25-M

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