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Thread: Flash Player 10 slow-down in portrait mode

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    Flash Player 10 slow-down in portrait mode

    Since I reinstalled Windows XP Pro SP3 and the new version of Flash Player, when I open a web page with flash, the browser slows to the point of using 100% CPU. I uninstall and reinstall the flash player 10 and the problem still is in Firefox, IE or Opera. I searched and found nothing to date that would give me some kind of solution. I begin to wonder if SP3 or another Windows update would not be responsible for this bug is really starting to annoy me. One more thing my Flash Player 10 slow-down in portrait mode, someone has any idea related to this.

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    Re: Flash Player 10 slow-down in portrait mode

    Well may be the antivirus you are using for scanning purpose is not able to detect the problem in your system. Because I am using the same and I am not having any problem related to it. Whatever may be the reason but I have a question I am playing a game using a term on a flash game where you have to click on a target in the shortest possible TMPS I am not bad at all but there is a person who always scores incredible. So I ask myself this question, is it possible to slow time animation flash?

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    Re: Flash Player 10 slow-down in portrait mode

    Flash animation is a theory based on a number of frames per second which is on the timeline and flow rate (fps) set at the time of backup. In practice the animation depends on the speed of execution of the processor to process the vector. If you want to see it slowly, you do run on a P200. Otherwise, you need to edit the FLA settings or certain software to "re-open" swf.

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    Re: Flash Player 10 slow-down in portrait mode

    I have noticed that speed was also dependent on the software used to play the animation. For example, open a. Gif with ACDSee. By cons, in IE it will be read at normal speed. This is perhaps even with some flash files? Flash is flash player that reads there is different version there is also an ActiveX plug-in on the bed to browse, but reading the packages is almost identical regardless of the player in terms of speed.

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    Re: Flash Player 10 slow-down in portrait mode

    There are software to reopen a swf or exe flash but it does not work great. A solution to slow the flash is to make your CPU work on something together, something like filter Photoshop on a 100 MB should go, or a calculation of a 3D scene or to Divx encoding. You can try any method to slow down the flash video by running number of process on your system.

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    Re: Flash Player 10 slow-down in portrait mode

    Adobe Flash is an integrated development environment (IDE), virtual machine used by a Flash player or server flash to read Flash files. But the term "Flash" can refer to a reader, an environment or an application file. Flash technology has become one of the most popular method for adding animation and interactive objects to a web page, with many creative software and operating systems are able to create or display Flash. Flash is commonly used to create animations, commercials or video games. It can also integrate streaming video into a page, until the development of rich-media applications.

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    Re: Flash Player 10 slow-down in portrait mode

    I participate in a competition with online games and sometimes I also play for fun but some games are so fast that I get nowhere. Whether that's because of my PC Aspire E-360-UB7V 1024 MB RAM, AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 + (2GHz) or my connection (about 1 MB). I have tried to occupy the memory running various games and returning to the office but without much success. So I would like to know if you have some tips and advice.

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