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Thread: Adobe reader opens multiple files instead of one

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    Adobe reader opens multiple files instead of one

    When I launch the Adobe Reader onto my newly purchased the Laptop with Windows 7, it automatically starts opening every pdf on my disk that I have stored , when I open only one file , it opens 20 files at a time , not even when I click to open a file, but when I move to the directory on my desktop which stores pdfs. This is really freaking weired and I am not getting any solution to this one issue. Can someone here help me to fix this issue ?

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    Re: Adobe reader opens multiple files instead of one

    This is something going wrong with the adobe software and you have to reinstall this frequently and it will solve your issues here. There are so many users reported that there is nothing going on after making installation and re-installation. if so, you need to check your setup file and make sure it is fine or not and you can also download the new one setup file from the web and install it and if you are running with previous version then you need to commit the update of the software..

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    Re: Adobe reader opens multiple files instead of one

    I was previously running with the same issues in Windows 7 . This is the bad luck , Windows 7 caused about a thousand different issues as well and I eventually took this off of the laptop. I studied about this and a disk cleanup can also fix this issue and removing the history of just opened documents might be helpful . Just make a right click on the start button and select the Properties. Within the Start Menu in general tab, there is a button to wiipe out the history of recently used programs and documents.

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    Re: Adobe reader opens multiple files instead of one

    Thank you very much for this one suggestion . this is a bad for me also, I am unable to find that button as you specified in the preferences of the start menu but I got your clean up suggestion and I also have tried working with the disk clean up and it is not capable to stop such type of issue .It seems very wired till now. Windows 7 has been out for a while and I can't assume this, Adobe is not concentarting the user needs and problems . I am going to start my work on my system and will be opening more than one pdfs close to hundred after browsing single ... Anyone else have some other suggestions regarding this ?

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