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Thread: Adobe Reader Does not recognize any printers

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    Adobe Reader Does not recognize any printers

    One day, I was trying to take a print out of my PDF document but got failed to do, I though there would be some problem with my printer but i used to print another document and that gone really well . When I was trying to print a .pdf file,the following error box comes up saying "Before you can perform print-related tasks such as page setup or printing a document, you need to install a printer."

    I asked about this problem to my colleague and he told that you should try to install the Adobe Reader 9 because we had 7 but that also didn't work. Any help would be appreciated ..

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    Re: Adobe Reader Does not recognize any printers

    Hi everyone , I am working with a Citrix XenApp 4.5/5.0 and getting some issues where if a user is running with a network printer as their default. When I launch the Adobe Reader 9 via citrix and when I try to print some PDF documents then it says that there is no printer is installed . If I execute the ICA printer manager application, I see that entire printers are auto created.Actually, it is only going on with only network printers, if I am running with a local printer configured as the default then it works just well. If any suggestions would be appreciated ..?

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    Re: Adobe Reader Does not recognize any printers

    I am not sure, this is just because of the incapability of the printer or any error getting generated by the adobe software. Because of some issues, I can't print my pdf file, if i click on the print the save option get up suddenly . I have tried saving my file and then printing but its not going properly . I thought that it can be happen because of the latest version so, I installed the newest version of the software, nothing seems to be going proper. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Cheers

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    Re: Adobe Reader Does not recognize any printers

    If the PDF file contains the security related configuration to restrict it from being printed then you may have such type of problem and in this scenario, you will also probably not be able to convert this into Word . Also, just be sure that you are working upon the correct printer from the dialog box and not printing to a file. Just make a right click on the file and selecting print rather than opening this first. I would suggest you to restart your system to get if that helps.

    You also can investigate about the security tagged on the file by browing it in adobe reader and selecting file=> properties and the security tab to find that if printing is blocked already .

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    Re: Adobe Reader Does not recognize any printers

    I have one of the file which is properly getting opened and I can read that properly without any issues I though that it can be done because of the password protection tagged on the file but I can open it easily. because of some issues, I am unable to print that document. According to me, the printing is disabled because of the security threats . What should I do in this case,please suggest me something ???

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    Re: Adobe Reader Does not recognize any printers

    I wanted to ask something to you, would you tell me ? Have you used the same file in foxit reader this may be that open office writer which is provided as free software foundation and may allow you to print the document as it opens the PDF documents. As I have never had such type of issues I am not sure what else to suggest.

    By the way, Which one program that you are using to get the view of the pdf documents? And can you do this from the print menu get a print preview or print different documents? What is the error and what it is actually talking about ?

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