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Thread: Adobe Reader could not open 'A9R7D1F.tmp'

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    Adobe Reader could not open 'A9R7D1F.tmp'

    I got others with this problem, but none of their solutions capable to resolve my issue.When, I am going to open the PDF document from a web site then I always got the following error:

    "Adobe Reader could not open 'A9R7D1F.tmp' because it is either not a supported file type of because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded)."
    This is limited to a particular group of systems . As such, it doesn't seems as a web server or network associated issue here . I am showing you some specifics offending machine(s) running with this problem : Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8, Adobe Reader 9.3.2. Some other computers with the same specification going properly.
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    Re: Adobe Reader could not open 'A9R7D1F.tmp'

    I always make a note of my problem and it is the same that I got much before with the close to the system specification, you are running with windows 7 but I was running with windows vista..I had done the following :

    1. Removed entire history in IE such as cookies, temporary files, history, etc.
    2. Uninstalll Reader, restart and re-install Reader and perform a clean system restart.
    3. Saved the PDF to the local desktop and tried to open that method.
    4. Installed an previous version of Reader.
    5. Make sure that following Reader configurations are selected: Display PDF in Browser, Fast Web View, Speculative Downloading in the background (which match systems that are proper).
    6. Just make sure that IE browser configuration are set with the "Automatically" Just check out for latest versions of saved pages.

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    Re: Adobe Reader could not open 'A9R7D1F.tmp'

    When I am going to organize a test while preparing a report then after, I get the following pop-up error: Adobe Reader could not open 'pa035402.fdf' because it is not a supported file type or because the file has become corrupted...

    I am getting , what I am doing wrong . As about my system: I am using Windows XP Professional and installed Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 and Flash player 7. I have tested the file types through the Windows Explorer and FDF is a simply detected file type => Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.. Have you got this issue before? If so, What would be the solution for this issue ?

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    Re: Adobe Reader could not open 'A9R7D1F.tmp'

    Hi mate ,
    It is not only your problem but it has been rsolved but you have to follow some simple steps to remove out this issue.. I had installed the Adobe 6 Professional on top of an previous Adobe 5 installation. You can remove the Adobe 5 first which is only the solution of this problem . Everything would work fine. By the way, you only require the free Adobe 6 Reader (not the complete software package)...It was just what was going on with my machine and solved the issue with the same procdure . I hope, it would be also helpful for you all..

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    Re: Adobe Reader could not open 'A9R7D1F.tmp'

    It is very genuine issue for the users and according to me,only one user of several users got this type of error . But we solved this.. Turns out within the Internet Explorer section , if you move to the Tools menu and then Internet Options - General Tab, you click on the Settings button. Just make sure that 'Check for newer versions of stored pages' is configured to Automatically. The user who was receiving the 'Cannot print filename.fdf' error had the configured as 'Every visit to the page'. Once, we moved there with the following configuration , problem got disappeared.

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