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Thread: Starting a New Torrent Remotely

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    Starting a New Torrent Remotely

    The WebUI seems very well but I need to ask a question about starting a new torrent. When I try to do so it needs to browse my local machine for the .torrent file... I had have expected this to browse the remote machine ? If I am going to upload the torrent from my local machine so will you tell me that will it still seed using the data on the remote ? I was thinking about this and having some confusion about the functionality.

    What I would like to be able to do is to just begin a new seeds remotely when I travel a lot but skip my home computer system on and connected all the time...

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    Re: Starting a New Torrent Remotely

    That is very good question,the feature about which you are talking is just as completely not opened but you know this feature could be associated later on and not completely issued , because it needs a bit of work. There is different feature known as whistles that might get implemented soon which will make the task a bit simpler , but you will have to wait for this to get the benefits of this feature .

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    Re: Starting a New Torrent Remotely

    Regarding the capability to load a torrent on the server system ...Does this option displayed up for guests also in the similar situation ? If so then an "This would be better" feature would be to disallow or configure limited directories. You people are mostly already working on that ..

    uTorrent was going better before...the webui functionality is very nice feature added with the uTorrent other client comes close!

    Thanks and cheers!

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    Re: Starting a New Torrent Remotely

    I work where I can visit on the web but not for downloading the contents . I was going to configure TorrentFlux,that is an application to remotely manage a machine to download torrents but it then dawned on me to work with the iChat and Azureus:

    1. Configure up a new iChat account; it will be used on the home machine.
    2. Associate this account as a buddy on your common account at work.
    3. And perform the Installation of Chax on the home machine, that will be logged into the new iChat session .
    4. Configure Chax to autoaccept downloading of files to a specific directory -- my_torrents or whatever you need to set up.
    5. Now configure up the Azureus within the Advanced mode to scan that directory every time and to begin and download to a default directory.
    6. When you iChat a file to the home iChat session, iChat will perform the downloading of this automatically and less than a minute later, Azureus will begin to download this.
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    Re: Starting a New Torrent Remotely

    I have just downloaded a torrent which contains several files. Unfortunately I don't have much space of hard drive . So I would like to ask:

    - Is it possible to destroy some of the finished files (to different drive) without deleting the torrent altogether?
    - And, if so, is this a "wired behavior"? I can't really say which files are currently in process as seeds elsewhere (or can I?)

    I spend near about 2 hours or so reading through the headlines in this General forum...

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    Re: Starting a New Torrent Remotely

    You should just stop the torrent process. Release the files in µtorrent. Delete the files in question. Force a re-check and then after launch the torrent again.Because of pieces overlapping different files might be remade and the section in question will have to be re-downloaded. Skipping the files which has been completed is a bit dubious but as long as there is enough availability in the torrent and you share back to your ratio and I think, this can be tolerated.

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