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Thread: SetPoint and Windows 7

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    SetPoint and Windows 7

    I am unable to perform the proper installation of SetPoint 4.70 on Windows 7 platform. I have tried both Windows XP and Vista both in any compatibility mode and they have terminated during the installation procedure. According to the Log messages, Dir says that
    File created on 07-05-2010 at 22:43:06

    Product : SetPoint version 4.70

    22:43:06 = Before khal launched
    22:43:06 = Installing khal...
    22:43:06 = Install KhalInstaller32.msi
    22:43:07 = Return value of LMkRstPt when abort 0
    Please check out the log and suggest me to finish the installation procedure..

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    Re: SetPoint and Windows 7

    This is the complete log that you received during installation and in the middle of the installation, it got terminated. There is something going wrong with your installation procedure, please read the proper manual of installation and then get ready with the appropriate steps and I am sure next procedure would come with the success. According to the log there is nothing looks very serious the causes the termination of installation . If the same procedure again getting occurred then you need to change the back up through which you are performing installation ..

    Best of luck

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    Re: SetPoint and Windows 7

    Hi all,

    I have just completed the installation of fresh Windows 7 onto my computer system that is 64bit enabled and after upgrading my video drivers I moved straight for SetPoint. I have done the downloading of my SetPoint 4.8 drivers for Windows 7 x64 because I have a MX Revolution mouse for gaming. I didn't installed first, my mouse was going fine without installing drivers..

    However, I am unable to install the SetPoint for the life of me.At every step when I getting ready to accept the license for the software, the program shuts down. Currently, I can see the "installation" progress bar, the bar looks as zip completely green and suddenly close. I went through the registry and directories but nothing is installed on my system from Logitech. There are also no older drivers from Logitech installed. Why is it not getting install and at least if not installing, the error message should be appeared through which I can detect the issue..

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    Re: SetPoint and Windows 7

    Somebody told that the installation can't be done at the windows 7 platform but I have fixed this issue, somewhat. Before progressing across the license wizard , I copied over the proper SetPoint installation files (It is not actually the installation files for the SetPoint Logitech Installer) and installed this . (1-SetPoint directory name). It goes very well and I have completed the installation successfully . Somehow the Logitech installer was failing to launch the Setpoint installer.

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    Re: SetPoint and Windows 7

    I was also suffering with thew same difficulties with the installing of my Performance mouse MX using the install disc. It would slow way down and not install the Setpoint 4.8 software required to customize my configurations . I got some effective solution associated with this and figured out that you should go to start menu and then choose run from the menu and browse the installation disc for the directory that suggests 1b-setpoint. Browse that directory and you will get the setup (exe) program. I executed that and it found the truly driver and installed the Setpoint software ! I hope this would be helpful ....

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    Re: SetPoint and Windows 7

    Hi guys,
    I am running with a huge issue with the installation of setpoint 4.80 and it is not installing on Windows 7 64 bit for me and I am getting the following text continuously :

    "deactivate your Anti viren or spyware "
    Sounds simple but its not,havenīt got any Av installed and switched off Windows Defender and still receive the exact message and this is by a fresh installation from Windows without committing any Updates or other programs on!!! I called to the support personal earlier but nothing happened and they told me to perform a "clean installation " but that also didnīt work !!! So I am not getting any exact solution for this and I hope someone here can help with me ,key board and mouse combo....mx3000-

    Hope for some answers

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    Re: SetPoint and Windows 7

    According to the log something has just missing in the setup file. IF you don't have idea about that just use another file for it and may be your problem will be solved.

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