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Thread: SetPoint 3.3 Patch Available

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    SetPoint 3.3 Patch Available

    I have installed 64 bit windows XP operating system on my computer and i am currently using SetPoint 3.3 which has bit problems though i am not going to discuss about those problems now because i think it would get solved by using the patches. I have heard that the SetPoint 3.3 patches are out now but just want to know that how are they how they works.

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    Re: SetPoint 3.3 Patch Available

    Yes it is true that Logitech Setpoint 3.3 patches are out and they have provided both kind of patches that is for 32 bit version of windows operating system as well as for the 64 bit versions of windows operating systems. I think you should directly go to the official web site of logitech where they would be having perfect information about the patches of Setpoint 3.3

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    Re: SetPoint 3.3 Patch Available

    The Setpoint 3.3 patches have solved the following problems.
    1) Control + Shift key combination bringing up Secure Encryption Wizard.
    2) 24 hour clock fix for European (with the exception of UK) MX 5000 sets.
    3) Firmware upgrade on MX 5000 / diNovo Media Desktop Laser receiver.

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    Re: SetPoint 3.3 Patch Available

    Instead of adding the patches to the SetPoint 3.3 i would suggest you to get the latest setpoint which is good as compared to an older setpoint. I am using SetPoint 4.8 on my windows xp operating system and having no problem with the mouse and not even with the keyboard. I think you should also go with the same and if you are using windows 7 then i guess SetPoint 6 also would be there.

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    Re: SetPoint 3.3 Patch Available

    I have found that there are lots and lots of web sites which provides you the patches made for SetPoint 3.3 and it is not at all hard to find them and even you can download for free as there are many web sites available for you. I would like to make you search by the patches for SetPoint 3.3.

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