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Thread: Problem while attaching photos to email

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    Problem while attaching photos to email

    After reformatting my PC, when I want to attach photos in my mail, I am obliged to join them one to one by "Attachments". First I select all the pictures and then try to send them. A message appears "Unable to install the ActiveX control tool for downloading pictures from Microsoft Corporation MSN. When I click on "install" error "page can not be updated without forwarding information" appears. I tried downloading 5.0 but several "version" is displayed and I do not know which to take to solve my problem of "pictures". Please help me.!!

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    Re: Trouble while attaching photos to email

    I think that there should be some issues of ActiveX in Internet Explorer. I strongly recommend you change your version of IE and your problem may get solved. A browser more secure than version 6: the latter has significant vulnerabilities that were corrected in later versions. Today there are "exploits" that will contaminate your PC just by viewing a page. And there is no need to surf questionable sites to drop bombs on pages every day and ordinary legitimate sites can become infected with scripts that change the page content. It is likely that the relocation of a resettable IE settings, forcing you to re-download perhaps activeX. This should finally resolve the initial concern.

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    Re: Trouble while attaching photos to email

    I was having similar type of issue. I do not necessarily have an updated version (in fact I control this aspect of things wrong because I do not use and was serving for the photos). But I solved part of the walkthrough, even if it's longer: I use Gmail or Picasa 2 (a little longer as MSN Hotmail but faster than Outlook attachments). It is true that this does not necessarily question but a modo can tell me if we can consider the issue as "resolved".?? Before with a previous version of msn hotmail, I had downloaded on their site a photo upload tool. When I clicked on join, I had the choice between the word "file" and the word picture that allowed me to send 1, 2, 50 or 100 photos in seconds.

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    Re: Trouble while attaching photos to email

    Problem for the Internet Forum and Network. Click the icon which would be yellow exclamation in the banner above in your first message and in the window that appears, asked the moderator to move your topic to the appropriate forum and click Send. To allow you to send pictures, you should create a folder, add your photos and the zip file, through 7 zip file. The file will then send the zipped file using the usual procedure (attach).

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    Re: Trouble while attaching photos to email

    Follow the steps to attach a file to an e-mail with Windows Live Hotmail :
    1. Log in to your Hotmail account or create one at this address :
    2. Click "New" to create an e-mail and when the writing part of the mall appears, click on "Join" between tabs "Save a draft" and "Spelling".
    3. A small box will appear under the subject of your mail. Click "Browse".
    4. A window will appear allowing you to select the file to attach. You must get this file in the folder where it is located on your computer.
    5. Once you've found it, double-click or click once and then click "Open."
    6. The file will then be downloaded by Windows Live Mail. You can not attach multiple files at the same time you must wait for a file has finished being downloaded before joining another in the same e-mail.
    7. To delete a file you have attached before sending e-mail, just click the little X that appears in the top right of the filename in question.
    8. The maximum size that can be sent as attachments is 10 MB

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    Re: Problem while attaching photos to email

    The problem is that Hotmail wanted to design a special option for sending photo, but apparently has many problems, among other things that change the picture size and quality, which is extremely bad, because I choose those things (the user) and Hotmail. But anyway, the worst part is that in the end does not send anything. The solution is very simple. Send the photo but not select the Send in photos, but simply selecting the option sending files, and attach the picture as if it were a normal file. He who receives it may not see in Hotmail, but the download to your PC and normally see any picture. The problem now is that before we could select many photos together and now we must do it one by one. If less than 5, then do it, no big deal. If there are more files can be compressed into a Zip file and send that file. Zip files can be done with the File Explorer Windows Vista, or with WinZip (and other similar softwares). You must make sure that the person who has received the tool to open the file, which is the same as for create (Windows Vista or WinZip).

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    Re: Problem while attaching photos to email

    Often they want to attach, say, five pictures of our vacation. If you go to attach multiple files, better than going one by one to create a compressed file that includes them all and attach the file. Simply click attach and then examined to tell the mail service where the file. When you're the one who receives a mail with an attachment, the mail service will pass a virus to see if it is unsafe but still be careful. Most viruses are spread as attachments and if you see it in the mail do not make any reference to the file or has a strange name or extension is suspicious and does not download to your computer.

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