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Thread: AMD Overdrive Crashes Windows 7

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    AMD Overdrive Crashes Windows 7

    AMD Overdrive was running absolutely fine on my windows XP desktop. But , Recently i have upgraded my system from windows XP to windows 7. Right after the upgrade whenever i try using the AMD overdrive on my windows 7 system to overclock my Graphics card AMD overdrive simply crashes. Anyone had the similar problem please help me in this matter.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive Crashes Windows 7

    Here in this matter i would like yo suggest you that you all your power system options should be set to the 'High performance' Mode. if not, then you can simply do that from the control panel. Open the control panel go to the system and security and then click power options. By default it would be set as "balanced" reset this value to High Performance it is always recommended to keep balanced but whenever you are trying to overclock and if you get these kind of trouble then simply set power options to High Performance.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive Crashes Windows 7

    AMD has just put online a new version of the OverDrive utility. Designed to recall the monitoring of various components of a platform, AMD OverDrive can also overclock the processor directly under Windows, memory or graphics card, while being able to adjust the voltages, frequencies and latencies of these components and even adjust the fan speed.

    This new version, 3.0.1 stamped, among other things provides compatibility with operating system Windows 7.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive Crashes Windows 7

    When I try to use amd overdrive version 3.0.2 to lower the voltage of the processor by clicking on the tab control performance and then reducing the voltage from 0.9750V 0.9625V, for example by clicking on select all hearts to the left of the screen and pressing apply in the bottom right, when all hearts were at rest with a 803MHz multiplier coefficient x4 , the multiplier has 4 hearts go x5, and all hearts are found with a frequency of 1004MHz

    In summary, there is no way to lower the voltage of the processor without the multiplier hearts starts to pass at "x5" when that didn't coefficient been affected please help me.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive Crashes Windows 7

    This problem can be solved either by changing the processor speed or simply flashing the BIOS. But be careful using the amd overdrive in future if this problem appears in future again then there might be a compatibility issue with your operating system and you might have to flash the BIOS again instead you can simply overclock the Graphic card using the BIOS.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive Crashes Windows 7

    it is advisable to increase your settings too brutal. Be patient and do not burn steps.

    When handling, do not forget to monitor the temperature of your GPU. The cards are designed to operate in extreme conditions (poorly ventilated housing, heat), they can reach temperatures of the order of 100-120 C, temperatures well above those processors. However, it is preferable to set a limit of 90 , for not taking risks.

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    Re: AMD Overdrive Crashes Windows 7

    Riva Tuner is a software to overclock your ATI and Nvidia. It may be that riva tuner is not compatible with certain versions of ATI drivers. In this case, it will use the Catalyst Control Center. If you run riva tuner for the first time, it will proceed to an automatic configuration that can last up to several minutes.

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