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Thread: How can i copy iTunes playlist to flash drive

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    How can i copy iTunes playlist to flash drive

    I am sorry if am posting this query in wrong section. Am having a iTunes playlist containing around 600 songs on my Windows 7 system. I want to take it on my USB drive so that i can listen it anywhere while traveling. So is it possible to copy iTunes playlist to flash drive ? If yes, please let me know how ? Thanks for all your helps.

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    Re: How can i copy iTunes playlist to flash drive

    In iTunes you need to select one or more songs slide them into your USB key .... it will copy the corresponding files on the USB key. If it is to play on a boombox that accepts USB key, it is likely that we should first convert them to mp3 (you can do in iTunes). In iTunes preferences, General tab, click the "Import Settings" then select "Import Using MP3 Encoder". Now right click on the tracks you need to convert or to take on USB drive and select "Create MP3 Version". Thats it.

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    Re: How can i copy iTunes playlist to flash drive

    Basically iTunes songs are stored in the music folder that is Music > iTunes > iTunes Music folder. Go directly to this music folder backup "itunes music" folder on your usb drive. But these songs will be in .MP4 format that you will need to convert in Mp3 format. Download some good application that converts the file format.

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    Re: How can i copy iTunes playlist to flash drive

    Here is the step by step to do so :

    • First run iTunes, go to the Menu bar and click Edit and than Preferences.
    • Now go to the Advanced tab and note down the location of the library folder that is in the upper portion of this window.
    • Plug-in your USB drive and open your system's file browser.
    • Now just drag the iTunes library folder on the USB drive by locating the drive-letter icon for your drive.
    • Finally, go to the "Store" menu in iTunes, Authorize the new computer and Deauthorize the old computer.

    Hope it works for you !!

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    Re: How can i copy iTunes playlist to flash drive

    Just right click the songs in iTunes and get file info. Locate the folder, usually it is in My documents => My music => itunes. Copy the folder and paste it in the pen drive. For more info, see this How to play itunes songs on a USB Stick

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    cool Re: How can i copy iTunes playlist to flash drive

    If you select all of the track in the playlist.
    Right click - Copy
    Navigate to the folder on the pen where you want them - Paste

    All of the mp3 or aac (or whatever format you have used) files will be copied to your folder.

    No need to find each file individually.

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