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Thread: How to install and use mkvdts2ac3

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    How to install and use mkvdts2ac3

    As I got some stuff regarding mkvdts2ac3 from other sources on the internet. I got some interesting thing, we can be able to change mkv dts to ac3 audio without converting the complete file. The is truly straightforward , but I am not sure about the procedure for installation :

    libdca - DTS to WAV decoder
    aften - WAV to AC3 encoder

    Some installation guidelines suggests that you have to use the command line argument but I am not getting how to do this . Anyone have any idea about this ? Thank you very much....

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    Re: How to install and use mkvdts2ac3

    I am also a newbie for mac OS and don't really got the complexities of terminal and all very well manner. So, I am just thinking that swapping to Bootcamp for it because Windows apparently contains some well and simple GUI apps for exactly as . I will keep into the mac side a bit after and try it when I got this properly what I am really doing. It kinda sucks but he suggest 13 mins to convert a 2hr audio track, So this is not a very complex inconvenience.

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    Re: How to install and use mkvdts2ac3

    So you are one of the Apple TV user and you got that this can play 720p video yeah ? Well getting your points that 720p to play very well with your Apple TV might become a nightmare as such performed for me. There are several limitations you might have to think about just finding a Mac Mini, install Plex, and be performed with this.

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    Re: How to install and use mkvdts2ac3

    If your MKV has AC3 instead of DTS then you need to just quit from such steps ! I am going to show you some needed components that would be used ion this procedure .

    Apple TV with XBMC
    Mac or Linux PC
    Xcode (for Macs)

    Such step will facilitate you to convert DTS to AC3, a crucial factor when moving to convert a high definition video for the Apple TV. If you use to convert a video which has DTS chances are this will be either reverted to stereo or without audio. I love to consider of DTS having DRM and AC3 being this is free and open source dear. If you are not aware about what DTS is a easy search will suggest you.

    1- libdca
    2- MKVToolnix
    3- Aften*
    4- mkvdts2ac3

    As you are looking that a star is placed on Aften, which is because , it is a pain to install. Instead of going for ./configure make, make install, it needs cmake.

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    Install Aften

    “svn co where-you-want-to”

    “cd /Aften”

    “mkdir default”

    “cd default”

    “cmake /path-to-Aften”


    “sudo make install”

    Now, you easily have to install libdca and MKVToolnix. With libdca move to execute “./bootstrap” then move for ./configure, make, and at last sudo make install. I am sure, you can handle that. MKVdts2ac3 is a very simple and reliable script and does not need an installer. Make sure you chmod your mkvdts2ac3 file and also check for the executable mode !

    “/path/to/mkvdts2ac3 /path/to/matroska.mkv”

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