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Thread: Can't Watch Dailymotion videos

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    Can't Watch Dailymotion videos

    Hey guys !
    I can't watch videos on Youtube is going very well but daily motion occurs the error message below:

    "ERROR- Stream not Found Technical Difficulties have prevented this video from loading."

    There is no any effect on the functionality of processing of video. I have refreshed several times, But does not Load anymore. I am working with the Firefox 3.5.5 and installed windows XP with Flash player 10.

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    Re: Can't Watch Dailymotion videos

    Have you checked it with another videos sites and tried to play some videos.Just try to start the streaming of the videos and find if any problem is occurring between those then let me know, what are some different error , you are getting from another sites. In case, if you are getting same error from everywhere then you should perform the re-installation of flash player that you have installed and then try with the same manner...
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    Re: Can't Watch Dailymotion videos

    Hey guys ,

    I considered on your all suggestions and tried the same as you told me to do. No one videos are getting stream. I have been having this issues for almost six months or maybe much more. I go several users having complains with the similar issue, but they begin having the issue close to the end of December. But I have had issue for a little longer.Please suggest me with the effective solution...

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    Can't Watch Dailymotion videos

    As you told that you are using only Firefox web browser currently and tried to watch the same thing as you are doing with Firefox. Just try to install or use an existing browser named as Internet explorer or another named Opera and try to play the online videos as post me the error or whatever difficulties you are getting.

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    Re: Can't Watch Dailymotion videos

    Hi all !
    I am not so old member of this forums but I always enjoyed within you all in the ocean technical question. Now, I am getting some difficulties due to watching the videos presented. Unfortunately when I used to watch those today, the video screen remains black and informs the error message as "Video stream not found" and then provides the link to that video. It's done this for entire videos. Any suggestion regarding this ?


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