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Thread: Unix Toolbox

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    Unix Toolbox

    Hello friends,
    I am given an assignment about the Unix Toolbox. Since you have helped me many times, I thought to ask you guys instead of searching on web. Please provide some useful information about the same. Hoping that someone would be kind and will help me as early as possible.!! Any other information about the same topic would be appreciable.!!

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    Re: Unix Toolbox

    You can go for a set of modules for building client-server programs between Objective CAML. This toolbox is then used in the two following applications.
    • An application is distinguished from another by the protocol it uses and the treatment she associates. For the rest, about the mechanism for awaiting connection, detachment of the connection process to another process, reads and writes on a socket, applications are very similar to each other.
    • Taking advantage of the opportunity to combine the generic and modular extension of the objects we offer Objective CAML, we will perform a set function taking as argument a communication protocol and generating mechanisms implanting generic classes of clients and servers. It will then only we sub-classified for special treatment.

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    Re: Unix Toolbox

    IBM OpenSSH for AIX makes available as a software package Customers under the AIX-Linux Affinity initiative. This package is included on the AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications CD, and Can be downloaded via the IBM Linux Affinity website. You should also note that OpenSSH, software and all Linux Affinity, Is Offered on an "as-is" basis. IBM does not own the source code for this software, it has normal fully developed and tested this code. IBM does not support these software packages.

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    Re: Unix Toolbox

    Sometimes Unix appears to be composed of a set of applications and tools. There are tools to solve problems with the tools. And, of course, there are several ways to accomplish the same task. When you're trying to solve a problem of Samba, a good plan of attack is to check the following :
    • The Samba logs.
    • The Tree of Errors.
    • Unix Utilities.
    • Testing Utilities Samba.
    • Documentation and FAQs.
    • Search Archives.

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    Re: Unix Toolbox

    There is a set of commands that every user must know to manage in a GNU / Linux. Most of these commands are related to the handling of files and directories. They have a test development time and far greater than their GUI-similes, and although it does not seem, once familiar with the surrounding text, is faster and more convenient for everyday tasks. This group of commands, often called "UNIX Toolbox" has behind every "tool", a philosophy of development. Each of the command was created with two things in mind :
    • You must perform a single function.
    • This function must be performed properly.

    With these objectives, the simplicity of the tools allows them to combine to solve different problems that could not individually. The way to combine these tools is seen in input, output and standard error .

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    Re: Unix Toolbox

    You can also get the Unix Toolbox for C. The main use of it is donating or giving students the basics of C programming language to understand the richness of Unix system programming course (PIX2) and operation of Berkeley sockets (TCP3). This course is also an excuse to recall the principle of compiling, linking of symbolic debuggers for managing dependencies between files with the makefile generation of patches with diff / patch, and finally the Version Control with Subversion sources. So a course on "Unix Toolbox for C".

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    Re: Unix Toolbox

    The tools can be classified according to the different stages of design and operation of the embedded system. We will consider the software side and not hardware, such free tools for designing the hardware (PCB design, digital design ...). This classification is based on the conduct and life of an embedded Linux system :
    • Cross-compiling sources of free tools.
    • The libc low memory footprint.
    • The free tools and debug applications.
    • The Linux kernel for embedded systems: a list of different ports available. It is possible according to the Ports / distributions to generate the file system as root (root file system) at the same time. If this is not provided, free tools like BusyBox intend to do.
    • Launch of the kernel, the Linux bootloader fulfills this role.
    • The free tools.

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