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Old 09-05-2010
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Mudbox vs. Zbrush

Hi everyone, I have started using zbrush a few times ago and I am getting amazingly great speed on it. To get more features I was trying to find more similar tools on the web. And I heard some thing about mudbox. I want to know about this software. I am not very sure to use this thing but I want to know more about this. I had tried looking around where I can find much details. I want something that can help me to create more detail models. I am quiet ready to adopt any tool through which I can design various other things.
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Old 09-05-2010
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The benefit of using Mudbox is that it has a easy user interface. And it is also very simple to use. With some practice you can get a lot of similar features like Zbruch in it. I found it very much similar to photoshop. Compare to that Zbrush is the best when it comes to performance. Because it is fast and works very well. I think you must used both of them to get more accuracy. Try to create different things in both and see how they works. On that basis you can decide which is good here.
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Old 10-05-2010
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I favor Mudbox. That is because of its easy usage. But compare to Mudbox, Zbrush is haing tons of features. I use Mudbox when I am not having much to do. I just need to design a plain thing and done. While for advance support anyhow I have to switch to Zbrush. You can compare this things directly through the features. Where you get more details about using it.
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Old 11-05-2010
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Re: Mudbox vs. Zbrush

Mudbox does not strike zbrush in clean poly nearly while sculpting forms, presentation wise. It also does not agree to you as a large amount control over the tessellation while subdividing your meshes. Mudbox uses a flavor of CC division, which poly orders go like
  • level 2: 16 polygons
  • level 3: 64 polygons
  • level 4: 256 polygons
while Zbrush uses a savor nurms, which divide like
  • level 2: 4 polygons
  • level 3: 9 polygons
  • level 4: 16 polygons
  • level 5: 25 polygons
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