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Thread: Change rar Password

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    Change rar Password

    Hello everyone,

    I am suffering from some difficulties with some winrar files password, the files is for an ISO and I am trying to destroy the password because some of the files contains another password. I have tried to change the password but that was unsuccessful. I used set default password and get failed to do that. If you all have any idea about this then please let me know.

    Thank you

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    Change rar Password

    If you are getting the problem then you need to go for the help of another third party software that can do what you need to do. In such type of environment, You will require to use some kind of brute force attack software to try cracking or destroying the password associated with the winrar file . Where did you get this file from and could they provide you the password for this task ?

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    Change winrar Password

    A RAR archive is a kind of computer file called as an archive. The RAR file have different other computer files entire compressed down into one file and we should thanks for the software known as WinRAR. WinRAR does not provide users the option to change a password once one has already been applied to a RAR archive. The user need to generate a new archive with another password.

    There are so many software's are available currently that can help you to do the same and you can take the help from them as well......

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    Change rar Password

    This is the list of some software that are used by so many users and can help you unlock, change, break or anything according to the category of software's are listed here. please take a look and use according to your choice -

    1- RAR Password Recovery Magic
    2- Rar Password Unlocker 3.0
    3- Atomic RAR Password Recovery 1.20
    4- ZIP RAR ACE Password Recovery 1.0.1
    5- Rar Password Recovery Easy 1.0

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    Change rar Password

    These are some simple steps through which you can use to change the password attached with the winrar file and described as follows :

    • Right click on the RAR file using the password that you need to change. From the menu , choose the option that reads "Extract All."

    • Issue the RAR file's password into the dialog box that shows. When you are going to complete, press the "OK" button.

    • Press the "OK" button from the window that shows. It is just telling WinRAR that you need to unzip the contents of the archive to a directory stored in the same directory. The directory will have the same name as the archive.

    • Right click on the recent created folder and choose "Add to Archive." This will come up a dialog box featuring settings dealing with the archive.

    • Click on the tab suggested as "Advanced." Click on the "Set Password" button and type a password of your choosing into the box that shows.

    • Click the "OK" button. It will add the components of the directory to an archive of the same name. The recent created archive will be similar to your original RAR file with the exception of it containing a new password.

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    Change rar Password

    Hi Altair,

    Commonly with rar files that people give out within the passwords would tell you the password to get in the file. In such situation, I don't think their is any method to crack through the password protection because many users would know by now if their is.

    I know whats it's like, someone suggest you the incorrect password and it annoys me a lot.

    Best of luck!

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    Change rar Password


    There is one of the small utility that you can try to solve your issues named as Passwares password recovery kit. They contains some tools for recovering passwords of several applications and winrar is also in the list. It primarily uses dictionary attack and brute force attack to recover the password. The software can be downloaded from the internet without any payments .So ahead !!!

    Best of Luck!!!

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