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Thread: Awn manager doesn't start

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    Awn manager doesn't start

    Hi everybody,

    I tried to update AWN to .2, and now what i see that AWN manager won't open. I have also tried to reinstall but no succeed. When I try to run awn-manager I get this error. I am using ubuntu. Please suggest some solution. Thanks.

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    Re: Awn manager doesn't start

    You need to right-click either end of the bar and decide "Preferences", check the "Settings" or "Preferences" menu in your desktop's application menu for "Awn manager", or run the following at the command prompt:
    awn-manager &
    All the best.

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    Awn manager doesn't start

    You need to just drag and drop. If you use this method, you can't immediately delete the launcher file that you just drag onto AWN, as AWN uses that file to recover the launcher data (such as which program to launch). It's safest to drag from the Applications menu into AWN. Check and reply.

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    Awn manager doesn't start

    You can also select "Add" in the "Launchers" section of AWN Manager. Due to boundaries in Awn, you will have to restart the dock. For power users, these user-created launchers are store in the folder ~/.config/awn/launchers. Usual users can just use the "edit" button. All the best.

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    Awn manager doesn't start

    You need to middle click the launcher. "Middle-click" is also recognized as "button 3". But note that creating an extra instance will create a new task in the task manager part of the dock because grouped tasks have not up till now been implement, and the icon used will be taken from the application, not the launcher. All the best.

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    Awn manager doesn't start

    You can also click on the "Bar Appearance" tab starting the "General Preferences" section, and then choose "3d Look" from the "Look" drop down menu. You are, of course, free to play about to create your own tradition look by changing the settings for bar angle, height, and icon offset. Check and reply.

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