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Thread: Bad sound driver error:88780078

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    Bad sound driver error:88780078

    Hey i have a problem for some while with my sound i have realtek ac97, the problem first started when i was watching a movie and slowlly the sound was starting to disintegreate(dont know how to discribe it sry my english is bad), and then i had no more sound.....and my pc rebooted.... After i started my pc i had perfect sound for about 5-10 min. and then my pc will reboot again, i tried reinstalling the sound driver but nothing happens my volume icon is gone, i had to desable the sound from bios so i could use the pc. I reinstalled windows(XP SP2) and now i cant install the sound driver in any form.Please help

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    Re: Bad sound driver error:88780078

    Well if you are unable to install the driver from CD then you should try to install the drivers through device manager.
    To open Device Manager, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Double-click System. On the Hardware tab, click Device Manager.
    For information about using Device Manager, on the Action menu in Device Manager, click Help.
    For more information, click Related Topics

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    Re: Bad sound driver error:88780078

    You can update the driver software for the audio device of your system from the device manager in the Windows XP operating system. For doing that follow the steps given below.
    Right click on the My computer icon on the desktop-> Manage->Device manager-> right click on audio device-> select update driver option.
    But before doing that make sure that you are connected to the internet.

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    Re: Bad sound driver error:88780078

    Hello one day before I was facing the same problem. For some strange reason I had to reinstall my video codecs. And now it works. However, this happened before I even downloaded 5.11 of Winamp, so it seemed strange. The only thing that happened on my PC during my absence made a full scan AVG ... otherwise nothing happened, but it works now. Thank you very much, I will remember to check the properties if it happens again.

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