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Thread: Unable to Uninstall Quicktime

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    Unable to Uninstall Quicktime

    I need to uninstall QT and install QT Alternative on my computer system. However, when I go to uninstall the QT software from "Add or Remove Programs" section, It is prompting me with the error like:

    The following file does not exist or is not a valid uninstallation log file.

    How do I Proceed?Do you have any suggestion or I have to use another tool for this very task ?

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    Unable to Uninstall Quicktime

    Hello dear,

    It is assumes that the program or parts of the software that you are trying to uninstall, It has been already destroyed by someone without proper rule and method of install and uninstall.

    it has been deleted before it were uninstalled. you need to download the free software from the here and perform a default installation and when it completes just restart the computer and then uninstall QuickTime from the Control Panel |Add/Remove Programs list.

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    Unable to Uninstall Quicktime

    I am agree with the sam and you need to also try then and if you are getting successful result from there then you can follow some advance procedure to complete the uninstall procedure.

    You can try the uninstalling procedure within the safe mode. To get into safe mode tap the F8 key while booting and choose. try out the same procedure there and if you are getting any other problem there then don't hesitate to leave comment, we are always here to help you with the best solution.

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    Unable to Uninstall Quicktime

    1. Move to C:\Program Files, then delete the entire QuickTime folder.

    2. Click on Start menu =>Find/Search=>All Files And Folders, choose C:drive and type quickTime in the box, then click on Find/Search. when you get the list of files , right-click on that and delete all the file that is associated with quickTime.
    3. Click on Start=>Run, type in REGEDIT and then click on OK and expand thhe tree structure of the following -

    In the Software sub-menu, right-click directly on the Apple Computer entry, then click Delete with the Yes option.

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    Unable to Uninstall Quicktime

    You can also try with the CCleaner, the ccleaner can also perform the same. It helps to delete the software that are not being deleted trough Add\Remove programs option.

    It also work the same, Open the CCleaner, then click "Tools". You can then delete or rename any of the Add/Remove Programs entries listed there.

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