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Thread: Homegroup printer offline, requiring restart of print spooler

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    Homegroup printer offline, requiring restart of print spooler

    Hi all,

    I use the Windows 7. I am using a laptop in the office and I want to do is through a WiFi router, desktop printer. I can see the desktop, but I can not access the public folder can also access the printer. Both my laptop and desktop computers running Windows 7 ultimate. My wireless router is a Linksys router model WRT120N. I had already established a network of work, and now I have to change it homegroup just try and see if I can print, but obviously I still can not find the printer. Any ideas how to solve my problems? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Homegroup printer offline, requiring restart of print spooler

    Your computer is running Windows 7, but you did not say if they are 32-bit or 64-bit version.Try this method to see if it useful to you, Open the device and printer. Select Add menu bar near the top of the printer, Select Add a local printer. Select Create a new port and local port from the drop down arrow click on Next, Enter the port name. Install the printer driver dialog box, do one of the following
    1. In the left panel, select your printer manufacturer, in the right panel, select your printer model (using Win7 The machine driver) or
    2. Select the Have Disk button, direct the installation process, where you must download and extract the folder Win 7 of your printer driver.

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    Homegroup printer offline, requiring restart of print spooler

    After your information is used on a member of the Windows 7 release candidate and a HP laser printer that has some unique characteristics of the network environment, I remember that the advanced printer properties and bi-directional printing. However, in reference to the last paragraph of the post to join the local use of the new local port, as I suggested the printer the printer. Good luck, keep us posted.

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    Re: Homegroup printer offline, requiring restart of print spooler

    Other family group of computers to access files or folders on the steps
    1. Click"Start"Button , And then click the user name.
    2.In the navigation pane (left pane) in"Family"Next, click the file you want to access their user's user account name.
    3. In the file list, double-click to access the database, and then double-click the file or folder.
    Check and reply.

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    Homegroup printer offline, requiring restart of print spooler

    Family members who want to network share pictures, music and documents but find it difficult. Do not worry, Windows 7 in Home Group will you address this worry, it will greatly simplify home network and sharing files between Windows 7 machine process. At the same time, users can also share USB printers via Home Group. That is, if a printer in the living room, then Windows 7 will be automatically installed Home Group. In addition, the host can become a member of Home Group and simply add the printer. All the best.

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    Re: Homegroup printer offline, requiring restart of print spooler

    Check the step by step for printer spooling.
    1. If network printer, ping the printer address to ensure that the network is connected
    2. Asked if someone changed the printer settings, with particular attention to whether the printer is set to do the energy saving.
    3. Check whether the ink was not.
    4. Double-click the printer icon, and abolish the "use printer offline", choose Print Online.
    5. Download the latest network printer driver - "Disconnect the printer network -" re-starting the printer - "the server to delete the printer -" printer networking - "Add Printer (updated driver) -" Print a test page (if the printer is no point response definitely not work).
    6. Check the printer network connector, parallel port device is connected (including the parallel data lines), best to go the same equipment for a try.

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