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Thread: Reset Aperture 3 Trial

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    Reset Aperture 3 Trial

    Hello friends,
    I have MacBook Pro which has Mac OS X installed in it. One months ago I have installed Trial version of Aperture 3 in my computer. I love all the feature of Aperture 3. It is very used friendly. Now the trial period is over and now I can not use it. Can anyone tell me how to reset Aperture 3 Trial? So that I can use it without paying any money. Please help me.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Reset Aperture 3 Trial

    Hey I don't know whether it is right or wrong, but you have to use following steps to fix this problem. From your information it seems that you loved that software very much.
    Just install Mac OS X on your external drive -> now boot from that external drive and again install Aperture 3 demo.

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    Re: Reset Aperture 3 Trial

    Hey you have to use different serial number to use Aperture for more times.
    1.First delete Aperture from your computer.
    2.Now using different email id get new serial key.
    3.Now delete ProAppsSystemID file from the following location.
    Library/Applications Support/ProApps folder
    4.Now again install Aperture in your computer and use that new serial key.
    Now you can use Aperture for 30 days.

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    Re: Reset Aperture 3 Trial

    Hey I also had the same problem. I search for this solution on the internet, but I unable to find it. Then one of my friend said me that you have to pay for full version. Then I purchase full version of it. I without wasting your time, you also get full version to get all the features of it. Just go to official site of it and get that application.

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    Re: Reset Aperture 3 Trial

    Hey there is no way to rest reset or extend your Aperture 3 Trial. You have to buy this software. I am also looking for same, but I didn't get any result. I think you have to purchase that software to get all it's features.
    I hope my suggestion will help you.

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