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Thread: How to change the network type?

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    How to change the network type?

    I am Connecting with my Access Point (WEP, Shared Key) which is performing well accessing, but there are some problem related to the network type. It becomes PUBLIC in the Network and Sharing Center and I don't know how to change it specified read only there!

    My computer is not the part of a domain but a member of a workgroup. I want to change the network type from the WiFi connection to WORK/HOME. You all have any idea about this ...???????

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    How to change the network type?

    It is happening because the Windows is unable to identify the configured network. the primary cause for this problem is that your driver is not being detecting perfectly by the SSID and network GUID of your router. You need to try for the installation of the newly compatible drivers after consulting about latest version to your manufacturer.

    It might be a little difficult to find out the exact chip set of your device but you can searches on the google for your perfect direction about chip-set.

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    How to change the network type?

    First of all which one OS you are using right now to change the network type. Because every version produced by windows have some little bit changes to configure the network.

    The newly released OS named as Windows 7 by default sets entire "Unidentified Networks" into public mode, simply because if Windows is unable to determine the network is authentic, theres no guarantee that it IS. You should first concentrate about the drivers suggested by thomas,It is also can be the erorr resolution.

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    How to change the network type?

    OK,According to me, An option that can fix this problem with some of the steps :

    • Click on start menu and type gpedit.msc in the search box.
    • Get this branch as follows-
    • Computer config=>windows settings=>security settings=>network list
    • and then you will be displayed with the network listed on the right.
    • No need to select it, look for the one know as 'all networks'
    • Choose that and select properties, second section down there
    • A radio button for 'user can change location' would be there and choose that and then after click on OK to save the changes.

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    How to change the network type?

    You need to try out your self to do. I think,the members of the forum has given a lot of information and after that you are getting the error to do it and feeling so much complexity then you can use another choice according to your selected OS. As you had seen earlier that the configuration of the OS depends on the version.

    If you are running with windows7 ,windows vista or Xp,you have to select different choices for that. You can change the network type according windows7, vista.

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