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Thread: USB ports in NT

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    USB ports in NT


    I have an very older computer system installed with windows NT4 and I have just updated using windows update, but I am getting some problem related to USB ports,it is not working well in after upgradation.Do you all know any thing about this problem or have faced with such type of error.


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    USB ports in NT

    Hello dude,

    I have been a user of windows NT and know very well about this,The NT is not able to have built-in support for USB management . The compatibility for NT with USB has been terminated before six years. So I am not sure about anyone has something worthwhile for a workaround.

    You might think to obtain for Windows 2000, as the system requirements accommodate previous compatible computers and is a large improvement all around.

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    USB ports in NT

    There are so many options but most providers requires some money.I am goimg to show you some link for a free work around.

    Just Download the file and install within the system and then restart your USB ports should perform. Microsoft may not compatible within NT anymore but there are some of us antique collectors which can support.

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    USB ports in NT

    If you have not working with the entire updates using the windows update, you need to do this before installation of the USB drivers.

    • Just Download and run the installer.
    • Then after the installer will prompt you with 5 options.
    • I checked on the requirements which you need.
    • Then after save the changes and come out from the installer.
    • After it completes your USB ports should work.

    You will see a new icon by your clock.

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    USB ports in NT

    Windows NT is not supported with FAT 32 which is the file system being used by the flash drive.You need to format the flash drive into NTFS, but it can cause the future error.

    There are so many softwares are available which can support to perform the operation with the USB disk.Just download and install the FAT32 exe.After The installation of downloaded software,reboot the system and you can be able to perform the memory related operations.

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