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Thread: Vista Sidebar Too Many Gadgets Displayed

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    question Vista Sidebar Too Many Gadgets Displayed

    When I booted my system today the sidebar displayed just fine, then it got loaded wtih clocks. I try deleting them and I either freeze up or more continue to populate the bar. I checked the sidebar file and only one clock.gadget is shown. I can disable the sidebar, but I really hate to do that. If anyone has a resolution I would really appreciate the help. Also, what is the general opinion of registry cleaners?

    System restore is not an option at this time

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    Re: Vista Sidebar Too Many Gadgets Displayed

    You can uninstall the sidebar and then checkout. For that do this open control panel and go to add remove program. Then uninstall the side bar gadget. Now download and install CCleaner. You can use a free version of the same. You can clean the windows registry with that. It is possible that your too many gadget are connected to internet. Due to which they make your pc slow.

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