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Thread: How is AutoCAD Civil 3D?

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    How is AutoCAD Civil 3D?

    Hello Everybody, I am a professional civil engineer and i have been using Auto Cad from last several years. Now i have heard that new version of autocad have came up as a AutoCAD Civil 3D. I would like know about this software as it could be mush useful to me. Can anybody tell me how AutoCAD Civil 3D is and what are the features provided in this software?

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    AutoCAD Civil 3D.

    AutoCAD Civil 3D helps civil engineers optimize project performance with geospatial analysis to identify the best project site, stormwater analysis for more sustainable designs, quantity takeoff and dynamic earthwork calculations to optimize material usage, and 3D visualizations to better understand project impacts on environment. AutoCAD Civil 3D civil engineering software uses building information modeling (BIM) to help civil engineering project teams evaluate more what-if scenarios earlier in the design process and get transportation, land development, and environmental projects done faster and more efficiently.

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    AutoCAD Civil 3D: Features.

    Features provided in the new AutoCAD Civil 3D are as follows.

    1. BIM for Street & Highway Design.
    2. Data Compatibility & Interoperability.
    3. Dynamic Quantity Takeoff & Earthwork Calculations.
    4. Facilitate Team Coordination.
    5. Intelligent Pipes Layout .
    6. Land Desktop Project Support.
    7. Stormwater Management.
    8. Styles, CAD Standards & Production Drafting.
    9. Visualization & Communication of Design Intent.
    10. Geospatial Analysis Integration.
    11. Surfaces, Grading & Dynamic Relationships.
    12. Surveying & Coordinate Systems.

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    AutoCAD Civil 3D Skill Builders.

    The following skill builders are provided on the official web site of the autodesk and are applicable to both AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 and AutoCAD Civil 2010 software.
    • Using Dynamic GENIO Data with AutoCAD Civil 3D Shortcuts.
    • Analyzing Storm Sewer Data with the Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010.
    • Adding Cut and Fill Conditions to a Corridor Assembly.
    • Sharing Corridor Assemblies in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009.
    • Managing an AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 Project in Autodesk Vault.
    • Using Projection Grading and Feature Lines Effectively.
    • Draping an Image on a Surface.
    • Label Styles.
    • Profile and Profile View Styles and Labels.
    • Setting Superelevation for a Roadway.

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    Re: How is AutoCAD Civil 3D?

    There are total 11 tools that are been provided in the Geospatial Analysis & Mapping of AutoCAD Civil 3D such as Publishing Tools , Buffer & Trace Analysis , CAD Editing on Geospatial Data , Database Integration , Data Exchange, Drawing Cleanup, DWG Query, GRID (Raster) Surfaces , Mapping & Stylization , Metadata , Streamline Data Access.

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    Re: How is AutoCAD Civil 3D?

    Tools provided in the Surveying & Coordinate Systems are Coordinate Geometry (COGO), Coordinate System Transformations , Extended Survey Data , Points , Set Coordinate Systems, Support for GPS Machine Control , Map Check, Survey Figures , Traverse & Least Squares Adjustment, Import Raw Survey Data. And tools give with the Stormwater Design & Analysis are Hydraflow Express Extension, Hydraflow Hydrographs Extension, Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension.

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