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Thread: Driver Whiz installation freezes

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    Driver Whiz installation freezes

    Hi there, I am having issue with the Driver Whiz which i have bought by paying the amount for it and i have got the license for this product but now yesterday it is stopped working to so i have uninstalled the same and again trying to reinstall the same but Driver Whiz installation freezes and wont install. So if any one having the same issue then please let me know about the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Driver Whiz installation freezes

    I think that the product that you are using is not the genuine that is why the problem persist. You have to go for the get it from then authorized dealer fir the same that you are looking for. The hardware always keeps changing so it is difficult to keep track for each one. So if you are using the pirated one then there is no guarantee of that. Thats it!!!!

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    Re: Driver Whiz installation freezes

    Are you running any kind of the Cleaner or anything else that is guarantee to deliver you the performance and speed of the system. As per my knowledge they do not perform the same and caused the damage of the software and Operating System and also your system stop responding for certain program so if you are running for the same them get rid of it.

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    Re: Driver Whiz installation freezes

    As per my knowledge that the Driver Whiz is not completely uninstalled from your system and that is why you are getting this kind of issue. The program which we install always have a entry with the Registry which is not deleted even after removal of the program which some time need to remove for installing another program. So i advice you to install the Your Uninstaller and remove the complete program from the registry.

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