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Thread: What is the TREND in Excel?

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    What is the TREND in Excel?

    Hi friends,
    I have just started with the advanced part of an excel. And now I am doing some of the statistical functions that are included in the Excel. In that I have a note on Trend. But the information is very less to understand that function. So I thought that there might be someone who would be interested in helping me.!! Please tell me what is the TREND in Excel? Hope that you got what I want to ask.?!
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    Re: What is the TREND in Excel?

    TREND is evaluated by calling the function for the LINEST. Major changes to LINEST in Excel 2003 and in later versions of Excel are summarized and their implications are reflected in the trend. The statistical functions in Microsoft Excel 2004 for Macintosh were updated using the same algorithms Excel 2003 and later versions of Excel. After calculating the regression model best fit (by calling function essentially LINEST Excel), a trend returns predicted values associated new_x 's.

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    Re: What is the TREND in Excel?

    The TREND function (known_y, known_x, new_x 's constant) is used to perform linear regression. A test result of least squares is used and trendy attempts to find the best fit under that criterion. Represent known_y 's data "dependent variable" and known_x represent data on one or more independent variables. The help file describes tendency rare cases where the second or third argument may be omitted.

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    Re: What is the TREND in Excel?

    If the last argument "constant" is set to TRUE, you want the model to include a regression coefficient of the intercept in the regression model. If the last argument is set to FALSE, no term intersection is included and the fitted regression is forced through the origin. The last argument is optional and if omitted it is interpreted as the value is TRUE. TREND effectively calls LINEST executes LINEST, using regression coefficients output LINEST in calculating the values therein associated with each line new_x 's and presents this column predicted y values for you. Therefore, you need to know about problems in the execution of LINEST.

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    Re: What is the TREND in Excel?

    The following is the Syntax of the TREND :
    • TREND(known_y's, known_x's, new_x's, constant)

    The arguments, known_y, known_x and new_x 's must be arrays or cell ranges with associated dimensions. If known_y occupies one column by m rows, then known_x columns are in rows c m where c is greater than or equal to one. Note that c is the number of predictor variables, m is the number of data points. Must then be new_x 's column c row r where r is greater than or equal to.

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    Re: What is the TREND in Excel?

    Using current trend includes two ranges of cells that contain data such as trend (A1: A100, B1: F100, B101: F108, TRUE). Note that because several predictor variables usually causes the second argument in this example contains multiple columns. In this example, there are a hundred issues, value of a dependent variable (known_y ') for each subject and the dependent variable values of five (known_x) for each subject. There are eight additional hypothetical subjects where you want to use to calculate the trend values therein.

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