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Thread: How to use Mixcraft?

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    How to use Mixcraft?

    Hello, I have been suggested to use one software to record an audio sounds, Its name is Mixcraft. I do not know exactly what this software is being used for but i would like to use it. But i do not know how to use Mixcraft as i have never even heard about it, Please help me with this.

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    Features in Mixcraft.

    Features presented in Mixcraft are as follows:
    1. Improved graphics and visual effects give Mixcraft 5 a sharp, polished and professional look.
    2. Custom loop library includes over 3000 royalty-free sounds in dozens of musical styles. Over 1000 new loops, including the following song kits: 70's Funk, Cool Jazz, Surf Rock, Reggae, and Vegas Rock.
    3. Works with Acid and Apple Garage Band loops.
    4. Record multiple MIDI and audio tracks simultaneously.
    5. Piano roll to view and edit MIDI.
    6. Notation tools allow you to create, edit, and print your MIDI data in familiar music notation format.
    7. 8 powerful virtual instruments, including the Acoustica Instruments General MIDI sample library, Acoustica Expanded Instruments sample library, Lounge Lizard Session vintage electric piano, VB3 tonewheel organ, MiniMogueVA monophonic analog synthesizer, Messiah polyphonic analog synthesizer, Alien303 Bass Synthesizer, and Impulse polyphonic analog synthesizer.
    8. 20 high quality effects, including the Pultronic Tube EQ, which models the classic tube equalizer found in studios throughout the world, and the Shred Amp Simulator, a complete suite of 5 classic amp heads, 17 cabinet models, and 6 powerful effects.
    9. Create mega presets that layer and split multiple virtual synthesizers and effects.
    10. Add unlimited VSTi instruments, VST and DirectX effects.
    11. Video Track allows loading and editing of video files. Easily cross−fade from one video clip to another. Remix the audio, add a soundtrack, and effortlessly render your video project to a new video file.
    12. Mix down to MP3, WAV, high-quality compressed OGG, and other audio file types.
    13. Option to record directly to high-quality compressed OGG files in Mixcraft 5. OGG files can take up 1/10th of the hard drive space of uncompressed WAV recordings. This is ideal for collaborators exchanging projects over the internet, laptop users, schools, and anyone recording long speeches or conferences.
    14. Burn CDs of your mix with just one click.
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    Sound Engine of Mixcraft.

    Mixcraft has full support for Wave (WDM) or ASIO driver. 32 bit sound engine used in this software supports recording and playback of broadcast quality. Time stretch any sound from 25% to 400% without affect the pitch. You may even shift sounds from -24 to 12 semitones. Unlimited number of tracks and effects are allowed and it can automatically detect beats points, keys and tempos. File formats supported by Mixcraft are WAV, AIF, OGG, WMA, and MP3.

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    System Requirements by use Mixcraft.

    If you want to run Mixcraft on your computer then there are some small system requirements which must be there on your computer. First of all this program needs at least 256 RAM and 1.0 Ghz processor. Your computer should be having a sound card to play high quality of sound which you have made by using this software. Display resolution requirement is 800 x 600.

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    Re: How to use Mixcraft?

    There are many different types of effects provided in the Mixcraft which you can use to add in your tracks such as reverb, delay, EQ, compressor, flanger, chorus, distortion, auto filter, master limiter, & phaser. Like this there are total 16 kind of effects. You can even add your choice of pictures in the tracks created by the Mixcraft.

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