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Old 01-03-2010
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question Reformatting an entire Word 2007 after scanning in text...

Hi everyone,

I recently had a hard drive crash, and had one document in particular that I needed, but hadn't backed up, but thankfully had printed off, so I had a hard copy of it. It's about 30 pages or so, with lot's of indents, footnotes, etc. I scanned it in, and am now working to make it clean again.

I'm having a dickens of a time getting it all to be a cohesive document again. Nearly every other line has new margins, new indents, new tabs...in one situation where I had hand written some notes, it created a couple of columns (which I've been able to take care of).

I'm finding that it automatically made the margins smaller, for some reason, and now, I'm going line by line, deleting "dead space" to get it to line up well, if that makes sense.

As I've been doing this, it seems to me that there must be some automatic formatting function that I'm missing, because I've never used it before. I've tried to "select all," and create new margins for everything, but it doesn't do this. Part of me wonders if I should have scanned the document into a "text only file," then cut and pasted the text into a new Word document. As it stands now, this is the messiest Word document I've ever worked with, and with the frustration I'm going through, it almost seems like the easiest solution would have been to type it all in again!

Anyone have any suggestions for me on this one?

Thanks ahead of time!

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Old 21-05-2011
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Re: Reformatting an entire Word 2007 after scanning in text...

This can only be done if you had recorded a macro. All other things will be needed to done manually. In the early word processing programs, macros are used to record a series of keystrokes so quickly could be reused in all documents. The macros were an excellent way to automate tasks that you need regularly, such as signing a letter, copy a paragraph from frequent use, or set up a special page format. If you had kept a macro record then you can run that again and again to autoformat.
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