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Thread: Slow laptop and OTTO in the program list

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    Slow laptop and OTTO in the program list

    Hello sir,
    I am running with windows XP with the Toshiba laptop and recently my laptop has been slow and it seems when I get ready to start the laptop and come on to the desktop,How can I solve this problem to run my laptop very smooth.
    I tried to delete some programs but there is no solutions,I am looking so please give me some trip and tricks to go for perfect solution and one of the program which is listed in the programs list,what it shows.


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    Slow laptop running with windows XP

    If your PC is getting then it contains many reason but you need to check the compatibility of your hardware stuff,which plays a most important role to smoothly performance of your PC.

    The component which I am talking about is RAM configuration of your computer system.The RAM may cause the problem.Having minimum configuration of RAM, the PC would start with some system files which is used as a support to start your computer system they occupy the space of the RAM first and continuously running on the RAM memory and another programs like your applications which also would be loaded on that and causes the performance of Laptop or computer system.

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    Slow laptop running with windows XP

    The RAM configuration is depends on your workload and the operating system version.if you need more and more application to execute to complete your tasks then your computer system should be configured with your work load and environment settings.

    If you are running with enough memory of RAM then you need a good processor for the system to execute the RAM file processes.Then you need to balance the system configuration with proper RAM and processor.

    There are some newer operating system are introduced in the market which requires a latest and high configured RAM and processors which executes a large bunch of programs and produce the high graded output.

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    RAM and processor configuration for windows

    The latest and previous system are designed and compatible with proper hardware and now a days according to workload the hardware requirements are increasing day by day according to technology enhancement.

    Here is the latest introduced and much and more configured operating system which requires the following hardware configuration-

    http://System hardware requirements ...amed Windows 7

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    Slow laptop causes advance services

    Slow laptop causes advance services

    There are so many service is being started when you start the windows configured system.All the services are controlled from the Administrative tolls which is kept into the control panel.

    Just double click on to the services icon and disable the unused and unnecessary services from the given control in the front of every services.
    If you installed some heavy configured application or another software like database management system or any large games and etc.

    So identify the unnecessary and Services and make it disable as soon as possible and restart the system to see the changes.

    Start > Control Panel > Administrative tools > Services

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    OTTO concept in Windows

    OTTO in Windows :

    The Otto which is commonly used and relates with games application and Otto is not closely related to Windows and you need to check in the program file and add or remove section in the control panel.

    Try to remove from the system through the provided tools of the windows operating system.If it is being uninstall successfully then its all right if not going then you can use anti virus programs to clean it from the computer system.

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