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Thread: Presentation effects in Keynote

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    Presentation effects in Keynote

    I am looking for better application to create nice presentation for mac computer. I was using a freeware service before which offers you generate slideshows with text editing. But now that is not enough. I need an application which can offers voice recording, video support and animation on the slides. How is keynote for that. Does this fits the need for the same.

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    Re: Presentation effects in Keynote

    The presentation software,Keynote allows anyone to develop superb presentations of professional quality. It saves files which can be viewed on Microsoft PowerPoint also. With Keynote, creating sublime slide rhymes with speed and simplicity by devoting less time to design, you have every opportunity to refine your ideas. It offers you much more than any other presentation software.

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    Re: Presentation effects in Keynote

    With its visual themes design Apple coordinated funds, fonts, colors, graphics and tables, transitions 2D and 3D cinematic quality, and Browser provides an unprecedented overview of the entire slideshow, size of 'computer screen which will display your presentation. To do that you have to click the button Choose a theme that gives players the tools needed to organize their ideas and convey their message forcefully.

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    Re: Presentation effects in Keynote

    In keynote you does not need to begin everything from start to get your presentation much effective. Just import your powerpoing files or quictime or pdf in your presentation and start working on it. You can also insert your data in Microsoft Excel directly. So there is no need of doing all works from scratch. It is also possible to share your presentations online. The application can be purchased from AppStore.

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    Re: Presentation effects in Keynote

    Give life to your slides by moving, pivoting and making the scale of objects. Combine stock options to form complex animations. The tool Instant Alpha removes color background images, creating a perfect mask around the parts where you want to attract attention. Just drag the color you want to delete and Instant Alpha does the rest.

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    Re: Presentation effects in Keynote

    You can give your presentation even when you're away with recording your narration synchronized with your slide-show. Keynote allows you to convert your presentation as a podcast or presentation style kiosk. You can apply transition Magic Move and admire the way objects are animated automatically repeated in the slides that follow. These events include changes in location, scale and rotation of any object.

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