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Thread: iPhoto adjustments for face and places

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    iPhoto adjustments for face and places

    I want some tips on what is offered by iPhoto in Faces and place adjusted. The new version might be equipped with more newer features that are needed for image management. I have some images in which I need to make some corrections and create a slide show out of that. Does it is possible to upload photos online via iPhoto.

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    re: iPhoto adjustments for face and places

    iPhoto offers several new features as compare to any other tool. The most interesting changes done in this tool is first for Faces. Your pictures often represent people. But it is difficult to find every photo of your father or grandchildren without combing through your entire library. Therefore iPhoto 8 can automatically detect and even recognizes the faces of people in your photos.

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    re: iPhoto adjustments for face and places

    Yes that true. But there is also some done for places in it. iPhoto helps you explore your travel photographs with a new feature called Places. This function uses the data from cameras with integrated GPS or camera from your iPhone to sort photos by location and convert identifiers places GPS common names. Searches are well facilitated.

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    re: iPhoto adjustments for face and places

    If you do not iPhone or camera with GPS, you can still enjoy Places. Combine your photos on a place name, by entering an address or by placing a marker on a map. Then, when you want to find the photos you've taken such as New York or Paris, you simply start typing the name of the place in the search box. - iPhoto lets you share your photos on Facebook or on Flickr.

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    re: iPhoto adjustments for face and places

    A slideshow is a great way to enjoy your photos on screen. IPhoto gives life to your photos using six themes allowing you to create slideshows in seconds. These include themes Classic, In laughter, snapshots, albums, Ken Burns and sliding panels. Each slide uses face detection to correctly position the photos and keep the faces on the screen. You can export your slideshow as a movie on iTunes and watch on your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.

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    re: iPhoto adjustments for face and places

    iPhoto is not just a photo browsing tool but offers many new features for editing your photos saturation, definition, Retouch brush etc. iPhoto 8 makes your travel notes even more remarkable by adding custom maps showing your route. IPhoto 8 exploits the spatial data in your photos to generate a very neat map showing countries and cities covered. You can also enter the names of the places you've visited to create a travel card in any book theme photos. Each card is fully customizable. Indicate your travel route point by point, change the order of cities and designate sites of interest.

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