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Thread: Audio driver installation failed error

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    Audio driver installation failed error

    I got a problem in my computer system which is related to the audio devices and drivers.I was playing game and the sound devices are not noising properly then I uninstalled and when I perform the new installation of audio driver it oing on at the end of installation,it stops with an error message and said "Audio driver installation failed" .what I need to do for this error.

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    Audio driver installation failed error

    You are playing game and when you just lost the sound from your sound devices.You uninstalled the audio driver from your computer system its all fine but still you are not in the position to get back the sound.

    There are different mistakes may be committed but its not necessary,you are only the guy to responsible for that.

    You need to check the sound adjustment of your game control,During the execution of game,you always found a AUDIO adjustment menu within the option menu.Just go that and check the audio options for game and adjust it your own way.That may be mute because of some processes in the game.

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    Audio driver installation failed-media corruption

    Audio driver installation failed(Media corruption):

    Your audio driver installation is being failed at the end of installation and pop up an message which says installation failed.

    I think ,the installation media is responsible to occur this message.The CD-ROM which you are using to install the driver,the supported files of driver has been corrupted and need a new and fresh copy of file.

    The block of disk has been destroyed and file which is required at the end of installation is not provided to the setup.At this point,the setup occurs the message of error.

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    Audio driver installation failed-Device

    Audio driver installation failed-Device :

    The driver which you are installing,the windows operating system is unable to detect that means the device is not configured currently in the system.

    So in this case,you need to introduce the hardware with operating system and then It can detect it.To detect the devices,you have to do the following :

    1- Go to the control panel and choose Add new hardware wizard.
    2- A wizard would be appeared and will search the connected device from the computer system.
    3- You have to wait for some minute to complete the searching and then you would be allocated to install the driver and then choose the desired location to install the proper driver for the software.

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    Uninstalling connected device

    In some cases when you get tired to do everything then it is one you can try to get back that situation.

    You have to uninstall the device from the perform this task you have to follow some easy steps :

    • Right click on the My computer icon and choose the properties.
    • From the properties wizard,select the hardware tab.
    • Choose the Device manager from the first section of wizard.
    • The list of devices would be shown and choose the device from the list.
    • After selecting the device,right click on that and choose to uninstall.
    • The device would be uninstalled and the question mark placed automatically

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    Driver installationg through wizard

    If you are getting problem with the direct driver installation,you can choose another process of installing the driver.

    The another way of installation would be through wizard.the Wizard gives you the perfect guidance and if you don't have CD_ROM then it can also made you able to install that.

    After un-installation of your device,the install menu is automatically placed in the list of menus.Just click on the installation and the wizard will ask you about the location of installation setup files.If you have disk then choose the device media option and if not then choose automatic installation.

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