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Old 22-02-2010
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Brewery Task Lengths for Project 2007

I am evaluating Project 2007 for scheduling tasks in my Brewery.

My resources are tanks (FERM 1, FERM 2, etc).

My tasks are stages in the brewing process. I want tasks to be scheduled in increments of whole days, starting at the very beginning of a day and ending at the very end of they day.

Here is a simplified task list:

Task: Beer batch #1


1. Brew 1 day, resource: FERM 1
2. Fermentation 8 days, precursor: 1, resource: FERM 1
3. Condition 3 days, precursor: 2, resource: FERM 1
4. Rack 1 day, precursor: 3, resource: FERM 1, FERM 2
5. Condition 7 days, precursor: 4, resource: FERM 2
6. Carb 1 day, precursor: 5, resource: FERM 2
7. Bottle 1 day, precursor: 6, resource: FERM 2

This lets me schedule based on tank occupancy.

I set up a 24 hr calendar with 24 hr/day, 7 days/wk, and 28 days/month. This is my project calendar and my resource calendar.

I also have another calendar that is similar, but has no weekend work days.

Project seems to refuse to schedule my tasks from 12am to 12 am., which messes up my calendar view. How can I force every task to fall within the bounds of a single day?

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Old 21-05-2011
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Re: Brewery Task Lengths for Project 2007

You might need to work more on that. Enter the list of tasks and activities prior to each task. It also identifies groups of tasks, we divide the project into phases to calculate the timing of different phases. Later we enter the resources and we can calculate the cost of the project. I will recommend you to go for some kind of tutorial for this. There are very less information available for Microsoft Project.
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