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Thread: Opening XML and PDF in TexEdit

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    Opening XML and PDF in TexEdit

    I need some format support of TextEdit. What formats work in this tool. Like if I have a .docs or .xlsx file then can I open it or view the same in it. I have only this tool in my offce and in my mails the major files which I receive is docx and pdf. How to create pdf files from this tool. And if I edit a word document in it then probably what is the extension will it save. Does this will then open in Windows.

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    Re: Opening XML and PDF in TexEdit

    If you are looking for an application word processor that is simple, easy to use, with still a number of editing possibilities then Text Edit is the possible choice for that. You can directly open Microsoft Word 2007 files format from it and edit that. Other than this it is also possible to save the file in the format of Office 2007 so that they can be viewed in that application too.

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    Re: Opening XML and PDF in TexEdit

    There are numerous formats available to save your documents. In Text edit you can create rtf, txt , HTML (you can use it as a HTML editor), web archive , OpenDocument Format (.odt) Word 2007 or Word 97 and Word XML even in 2003. So here you can see that almost all types of document formats can be viewed in it. This is the reason why Text Edit is used widely.

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    Re: Opening XML and PDF in TexEdit

    If you want to create a pdf file then just go to files and then click on Save as PDF to get a pdf file and to create a text file just choose Convert to text and you are done. There are more formats available in the same manner. If you found any difficulty in opening a document then you can simply open it as a Simple Text to view its content. But this is support in the earlier version of OS X 9.

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    Re: Opening XML and PDF in TexEdit

    TextEdit offers all editing supports what you get in office. You can also insert photos or images (and animated gifs) in the pages of your document. It is past, with TextEdit at a higher level word processors. TextEdit is perfectly compatible with the new function of substitutions proposed by Snow Leopard. It also has a grammar tools and other support.

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    Re: Opening XML and PDF in TexEdit

    TextEdit appears as a word processor than enough for most users. Used in addition to following iWork 09 is an application that will allow you to avoid using Microsoft Word. There are other more version for word processor for Apple. You can even get Mac version of Office or switch to AppleWorks for further more support and easiness of the tool.

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