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Thread: Want audio and video driver for my Lenovo B450

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    Want audio and video driver for my Lenovo B450

    Hi friends,
    I have got my new "Lenovo B450" laptop with operating system windows Vista. Few days ago there was a virus infection on my laptop and tried various methods but i was not able to remove that virus, so finally i made a decision to format it and re-install windows vista. After formatting it i restarted my laptop and it worked fines as a new laptop, but i found that the audio and video driver was missing from my laptop and it needs to be installed. I don't have the cd of driver and need a suggestion on how i can install the drivers.

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    Re: Want audio and video driver for my Lenovo B450

    You want the drivers for your lenovo laptop which can be found out at the official site of the lenovo. There you will ahve all the drivers which are needed for your laptop. It is best thing to do that always make sure to go to the official of the brand which you are using , because they provide the trusted download and they have the information according to your laptops model. So it's better to go on the lenovo site and search for the driver and don't waste your times on searching it.

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    Re: Want audio and video driver for my Lenovo B450

    You can use this tool which helps you to update your drivers and provide you the best compatible drivers information according to your laptop's compatible. It is "Wise Drivers 2.0" it updates all the system drivers of your laptop with just one click. With this tool you can easily get the information on latest official drivers for your computer or laptop. It has millions of devices and the driver database which is updated every day to ensure that when is the need of the your drivers updation. It can help you out with your problem.

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