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Thread: Backup application needed for Apple

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    Backup application needed for Apple

    What are the suggestion backup application for MAC OS X. I have found AASync for backing up my data in MAC. It is nice and easy to use also. Other is ackTrack. But the application which I am looking for is for entire backup of the system on a disc and then restore that back in case of slow system or crash. I am not aware of all the features of this. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Backup application needed for Apple

    AASync is a utility for backup and file synchronization. Very easy to use, this application facilitates the backup locally (on external drive) or remotely on servers FTP or SFTP. In addition, it detects changes and synchronizes files which is very useful for a regularly updated and simplified your website for example. In the Appendix, this program provides to achieve synchronization for multiple directories simultaneously, and also filters, tools for secure transfer SSH encryption, etc..

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    Re: Backup application needed for Apple

    BackTrack is a live DVD based on Slax, which includes distributions Whax and Auditor. Dedicated to network security, this distribution contains the necessary tools to protect your machines . Although useful in case of failure, Carbon Copy Cloner to create an identical copy of your hard disk, from which you can start to troubleshoot your Mac. It can also clone your data, they find themselves in a particular folder or on CD-Rom.

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    Re: Backup application needed for Apple

    Why don't you try Carbon Copy Cloner. It can both make a bootable backup of your disk (fully or only a portion of the disc), synchronizer of your data, perform incremental backups and plan synchronizations to do more to care . Moreover, it is possible to perform backups on a network drive or another Mac. I have saved my backup on a remote computer by this tool.

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    Re: Backup application needed for Apple

    You might have heard about ChronoSync. ChronoSync is a software for data synchronization. It allows for synchronization between two computers, but can also be used as backup software data to back up all data from Mac to another hard disk or external media USB stick, iPod, etc. Using the synchronization feature is simple, since just select the file group, specify the target location, then choose whether the operation of updating the data must be performed periodically or not .

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    Re: Backup application needed for Apple

    ChronoSync can also use it to synchronize automatically. In case of conflict, the user is automatically alerted to avoid deleting files. Additionally, detailed logs allow the user to fully manage the synchronization. It is possible to exclude certain data with different rules for selecting data. It is always possible to retrieve data deleted after a sync through the archives generated by the software. The data are automatically checked to prevent any corruption during the transfer.

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