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Thread: How to insert a cent symbol in windows 7

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    How to insert a cent symbol in windows 7

    I am having a compaq presario laptop running with windows 7. I want to make a document in which i had to insert a cent symbol but i have searched for it all over the system and as i am aware that there are no such symbol on the keyboard. please tell me a way to insert a cent symbol in a document. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: How to insert a cent symbol in windows 7

    If you want to use a large number of accented letters then it is better to download an application for it. Another simple and sure way to achieve this is go to any website in which you can find a cent symbol and then select it and right click on it and copy it. After copying simply paste it wherever you require it.

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    Re: How to insert a cent symbol in windows 7

    If you are using any windows operating system then you must follow the instructions which i have mentioned below
    1. Open the start menu and click Run
    2. After that type charmap in the run box and press Enter.
    3. Windows Character map will appear , select the cent symbol and copy it
    4. Now Paste it to the location you want .

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    Re: How to insert a cent symbol in windows 7

    You can insert the cent character without using the character map so i would recommend you to follow the steps below:
    * Keep the Num lock on.
    * After that press and hold the ALT key.
    * On your number pad, enter the following numbers 1 5 5
    * After you entered the last digit, let go of the ALT key.
    This will help you to type the cent key to the document.

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    Re: How to insert a cent symbol in windows 7

    To insert the cent sign you simply need press the ctrl button keep it holding and then hold the / key keep this / button holding too and now press the c key. This will now display the cent symbol. Make sure that you hold all the three keys in the order i have mentioned since if you don't do so then you will not get the cent symbol.

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