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Thread: vaio camera on windows 7

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    vaio camera on windows 7


    i am having troubles with the camera of my sony vaio vgn-cr420e.
    when i updated my system to the windows 7 it simply disappeared.

    where can i download it again?


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    Re: vaio camera on windows 7

    You need to download the sony vaio vgn-cr420e camera drivers from sony official website. You can also call the customer support of Sony for this issue. Best of luck.

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    Re: vaio camera on windows 7

    The problem may not be with the vaio camera, but the main problem is the Windows 7 operating system. There are many incompatibility issues with this operating system. So, it is advised not to install or upgrade to this operating system. The drivers may be incompatible with Windows 7. May be you should find a compatible driver or do the troubleshoot compatibility for these particular drivers that you were previously using.

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    Re: vaio camera on windows 7

    As you have upgraded the system the drivers of the same has been not able to cope with the same. You need to perform a clean installation that is by formatting the system and then installing it with the Windows 7 Operating system. This will work out them. Try it out.

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    Re: vaio camera on windows 7

    You have installed the new version of windows 7. I think you have not installed the drivers for your computer system. First try to install the driver for your computer system. I do not have it then you search for the sony vaio vgn-cr420e on the net. There are many sites available providing it. You can download the drivers and install it. I am sure this will definitely solve your problem.

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