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Thread: Backup software for an external hard drive?

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    Backup software for an external hard drive?

    I want a hard drive of 250G or more reliable, I've found a website that I was looking only in the opinions of consumers report that they search did not return backup software, which it is exactly, what's emissions, and is backup software so important in a hard drive? thank you

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    Re: Backup software for an external hard drive?

    Especially avoid the tools come with external hard drives because they are not necessarily good, owners (brand related or hardware) and can be paid if you want more features.

    This type of software is very useful to save a regular part of your PC to the disk (or vice versa) such as saving your files regularly without thinking.

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    Re: Backup software for an external hard drive?

    There are several backup methods that you discover if you're interested: timing (the two contents are identical, it is a backup in both directions) or backup (one way) to schematically.

    You can have great free software: I've tested 2 which are excellent Norton Ghost and SynckBack Cobian Backup.

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    Re: Backup software for an external hard drive?

    Fortunately there are exceptions to the rule, because thanks to a combination of luck, fixes, and backups do not remember losing any of your data in "incidents" they have suffered: - Virus infection (the virus when you erased the hard drive, not like those now used to spam) . Ah, the necessary software: you can copy and paste the file browser, or you can schedule regular copies with free software (eg an older version of SyncBack from 2BrightSparks)

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    Re: Backup software for an external hard drive?

    I use free Paragon Backup & Recovery, it is a comprehensive suite of free backup and you have your drives and data safe.

    Among its many functions, Paragon Backup & Recovery full you can copy your hard drive, restore it on another disk, copy files from one place to another, check the status of your disk, etc.. This compressing the copy to save space and can save the backup on an external drive, a CD / DVD or network drive. Paragon Backup & Recovery supports all major file systems, so from Windows will be possible to copy the contents of your partition Linux or Mac

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