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Thread: How to remove language files by using Monolingual

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    How to remove language files by using Monolingual

    Someone said that every application has some unnecessary language files that eats up the disk space. I have MAC computer. And there is no space in my hard drive. I will really like to remove those files if they are really not needed. What is this all about. How to remove those unnecessary files manually. And how to do the same by using Monolingual software. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to remove language files by using Monolingual

    At a time when the relocation is unfortunately the fashion, we here present our Macs to relocate. It is not expensive to ship your machine in China or Burma, but simply to serve your OS X system with a multitude of files in foreign languages which you are undoubtedly useless and make room for anything on your hard drive. The files are recommended to leaved in cause of any application error.

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    Re: How to remove language files by using Monolingual

    In fact, as and when you install new applications (most OS X applications are multi-lingual), your Mac is filled unnecessarily files foreign locations (folders l.proj) that are totally unnecessary. Just do this little test: do a search on the word l.proj in Spotlight, you'll be surprised how many cases of this type you'll find on your Mac. This can be removed as you needed to do that.

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    Re: How to remove language files by using Monolingual

    You have to check first the location of this file. All the locations of foreign name of this file. So you have to search for the exact file in your MAC PC. Fortunately there is a small tool called Monolingual. You can run this tool and get the location of all the foreign name file from your computer. Thus by removing them you can save up some spae on your hard drive.

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    Re: How to remove language files by using Monolingual

    Monolingual is a free open source software. It allows you to transfer all the files to a locations and thus save space on our hard drives. Run the application and then Simply select the locations that you does not need. Just leave those files which you are needed that is your local language. You will notice that I also left unchecked boxes as the system software and many still have need of these languages.

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    Re: How to remove language files by using Monolingual

    It i really easy to remove those foreign languages files by using Monolingual. You can choose the languages and just press delete. It will take up few minutes and a window will indicate the end of this cleaning how many MB / GB you get. The tab Input Menu eliminates the Input Methods (in module Language and Text in System Preferences) and the tab Architectures allows him to remove architectures . This is not needed.

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