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Thread: Sony Viao TT11LNB issue

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    unsure Sony Viao TT11LNB issue

    Hi there

    I have a sony viao TT11LNB laptop that i use for office purpose. When i am NOT CONNECTED to VPN, whenever i try to save a file, i can still see the shared drives and the whole laptop just freezes. This only happens when I am at home and try to save my work on my local computer without connecting to VPN. It works fine elsewhere regardless its connected to VPN or not

    Any help on this will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards

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    Re: Sony Viao TT11LNB issue

    Really the problem seems to be wired, you say that your laptop freezes at home, what are you using at home, that is which is the internet connection you are using at home. I think the shared folder is in the cache of the computer when you are not connected to the VPN. But you can not access it as you are not connected to it. Though I am not sure about this, but I think this may be the reason.

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