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Thread: What is Super Diary

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    What is Super Diary

    I was searching for some software to keep by information in it, that is I wanted a virtual diary. I came across this software called Super Diary. Since, I did not get any information about what this software actually does, I need someone to help me with the information on what is Super Diary. What are the operating systems that it supports? I am waiting to get some appropriate replies to this query.

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    Re: What is Super Diary

    The features of Super Diary are as follows:
    1: Diary / Journal
    2: Notes
    3: Address Book
    4: Calendar
    5: Login Manager
    6: Finance Manager
    7: Sound Recorder
    8: Statistics
    9: Alarm Clock
    10: Website Ripper
    So, it has many additional requirements other than the virtual diary.

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    Re: What is Super Diary

    Super Diary is a program that helps to organize documents and other additional information. It has been encrypted with the database of SQL CE. Since, it has eight different modules, it is more powerful than any other virtual diary. It is a very simple software that can be used by beginners also. It provides the import and export of *.doc, *.docx, *.rtf and *.html format documents.

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    Re: What is Super Diary

    The system requirements of Super Diary are as follows:
    Operating system: Windows XP
    Additional Requirement: .Net framework
    It comes at a price of just $29.00 and has a file size of 6.99MB. It has an additional advantage that it is able to rip embedded or external images, links and text from any website.

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    Re: What is Super Diary

    Thank for providing with the information on Super Diary. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate operating system. Since, it does not support this platform, is there any possibility that I can still run it in my system. If not, are there any complements to this software. I am sorry for mentioning the operating system now. Please reply and thank you once again in advance.

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    Re: What is Super Diary

    There are many complements for Super Diary. When I searched the internet, I got some that I have mentioned below:
    1. Diary 3000 2.5
    2. Diary Book 1.9
    3. My Diary 5.0
    4. ItsPersonal 2.9k
    5. The StarMessage Diary Software 2.1
    6. Anxiety Diary 1
    7. Chrysanth NETime Diary 1.1
    8. Digital Diary 4.4

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